Let Us Be ONE, Part 32 of 33

Proclaim…a New Day Has Dawned
I will give you life, and you will not regret taking time off, full of honor. Watch and pray, for the time has come to send a message. Proclaim the Day of the Lord. A new day has dawned, giving life to many. Proclaim it loud, high, and often, that I am in control, that I am the new King.
Read Well, Carefully
As you read, My life will light your face. As you study, indoctrinated no more, you will see life. There is a way that is right to a man. Few study hard, knowing that I am in control. Read well, carefully.
A new day approaches. This day will come, and many will see you are glad—a people full of love, unified, in Me, relaxing in Life.
© 2008 Jeff Fenske


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