Let Us Be ONE, Part 19 of 33

Let that Dirty Thing Go, The Monster That Hides Inside
There is a time in the future when darkness will fade, where I will give life to those in the body, and it will be great.
Many will fall, and sit down and relax. They will miss the boat, the barge that sets sail. The victory is in Me, not in earthly things, not in pride, what man made. That will waste away, with you in it unless you pray.
Stay steadfast in your thinking, away from the moment and into My Word. Think ahead, always looking forward, ahead of the pack, so you can stay clean. Always be ready, sober, vigilant. Stand to your feet, My people, and watch Me. Get up and pray. The Holy Ghost will come, and you will be united—all of you who obey. None will be left out that fall on their faces daily—those who seek My face and not the pride that is in their stomach. Let that dirty thing go, the monster that hides inside. Many think it’s them, their thinking, but it is from the Devil. He mocks; he is unclean. He fills My people as long as they give him space. [Eph. 4:27 KJV]
Hold up your hands. Let them be clean. Feel My hurt. I died to give them life, but they refuse to obey. I died so they don’t have to hurt any longer. Watch and pray and life will flow from heaven: drip, and then drop. But then it will gush and flow as you obey, not holding back even an inkling.
Let it all come out, those who disobey. Rupture; let it burst, let it fill your insides no more, those demons that provoke you to wrath, fill your stomach with hate for those who want to give you life. They know what to do, but you see them and look the other way, failing to obey.
Wash your hands, let go of your wrath, and life will come deep inside, where it belongs.
Watch and pray; set aside time to live in Me, all day long, seven days a week, never in doubt that I am in control. This will happen if you let it. See it now. Don’t wait. I am in control. Wait on Me for guidance. Hear a clear Word from the Lord for your heart. Everyday, wake up full of Me. I am deep inside, but there are others. We share this space, and it is yukky. Most don’t obey, so most are unclean, and I hurt.
Get rid of the pride, those things that bother you are not yours to worry about. Long for another channel to watch, a TV program that is different, where you look up and pray, where you see My face in love, in front of you, daily. Look up and pray. You have a higher calling to obey and not feel guilty. Guilt will remain only if you let it by not washing your hands with My love, helping you overcome. See Me in you, My people, giving you life. Let it spring you into obedience.
Wrath will come. It will fill many with unbelief. They don’t think I’m that mean, but I can be. I hate anger. It is distasteful in My sight. I see it and look away—brother hating brother. This can’t be found in My Word as acceptable for you, My people. Trust Me to lead you into love. Then life will come to many who disobey. Anger will cease. We will be one. Watch and obey.
© 2008 Jeff Fenske

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