Let Us Be ONE, Part 18 of 33

I will be faithful, My people. Give Me a chance. I will give you life. Stop sinning, and watch and pray, for the Holy Ghost is watching. I see your hearts. I watch the soul. I know the heart. I watch every move.
Go slow, with Me in front, you behind—always this way. Then you will succeed, My people.
Pray a lot, for this blesses Me. It sets people free. You need Me to see you in action as you pray. Then you will see the Holy Ghost light up your life. For in this there is life. It is a lot, much more than in this world. Concentrate on Me. Feel Me in you—when you are satisfied. For life will satisfy. Give your all to Me. Let Me lead. Works will amaze those you know. Look around and see that I have given you life. Only then is My Word complete.
Let them see your life—everything. Hide nothing. Live this clean that they don’t have to go deep inside to see rotten decay and trench mouth. There is nothing there. You are clean. They need not probe further. This will amaze you and your friends. They will be so wondrous, amazed that you care, for they are hurting so.
Messages of Life
Sign a card, and deliver messages, messages of life, as I lead you to write much of what you know to them of deep despair. The words will leap off the page, and they will be glad that you took the time to care about them, but even more-so, you took the time to study, to spend with your Father, to relax. Then life will come.
Find Me. I am not far off. I will give you life. Lean not on your own understanding. Watch and pray. Feel My hurt. Many are afar off, and this hurts Me deeply. I am not like you that I can see them face to face. You can do this—Me in you giving them life. Let Me use you.
© 2008 Jeff Fenske


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