Transition Announced at Abbott Loop CC (Anchorage, Alaska)


2008-04-11: Elders Report

The elders met on April 8 at the home of Rick and Deloris Benjamin. We prayed for Val Hirschberg and other prayer needs. We reported on the progress of the transition to Josh Tanner becoming our next senior pastor. We will explore ways to bring similar reports to the congregation.
The elders will meet again on May 13 at the home of Carlos and Janet Guerra. Thank you for praying for the elders.

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One thought on “Transition Announced at Abbott Loop CC (Anchorage, Alaska)

  1. Sophie and Hubert de Mestral

    Dear Rick and Deloris,
    I just checked the website to see church news and saw this page.
    It sounds like Abbott Loop is going though the season of change.
    Hubert and I will pray that all will go well according to what God has planned.
    Abbott Loop church has been our spiritual home while we lived in Anchorage.
    much love,
    Sophie and Hubert from Switzerland

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