Blessed are the merciful,
For they shall obtain mercy.

– Jesus Christ

From: News with Views, Government and Press/Media Cover-Ups, Dennis Cuddy

It’s critical to the power elite’s plans for global control that the public be kept ignorant about important information. …

Another example involves Iraq. The Bush administration keeps telling us about the success of the military surge. However, it fails to inform the public that after five years in Iraq, there are still water shortages and electricity only 2-5 hours a day. Garbage isn’t collected for days or weeks, and many Iraqi government employees want bribes to provide services.

The press/media are also important elements of the power elite’s control over the people, especially in choosing what not to report. For example, they report about Communist Chinese oppression in Tibet, but most don’t report about the persecution of Christians in China. Rutherford Institute president John Whitehead informs us that preparations for the 2008 Olympics in China have included “religious repression, torture, sexual abuse and arbitrary detention.” There’s a photo of house church member Sister Aizhen Miao being shocked by a policeman with an electric cattle prod. Other photos smuggled out of China include a pastor subjected to water torture, another Christian placed in a “tiger cage,” another policeman standing on a woman’s ankles and “rolling” them. Whitehead further commented, “Persecution of religious individuals has been common in China for more than half a century. The major corporate sponsors (of the Olympics) have been silent. The worst of all, though, has been the deafening silence from the evangelical church in America. Shame on American Christians….“

Why have American Christians, the U.S. government and the press/media been largely silent about the persecution of Christians in China? For one thing, they crave the cheap products they can buy made in China. …

Government cover-ups are nothing new. If you asked most people about the recent monument built to President Franklin D. Roosevelt, they would react approvingly of the monument and him. Why? It’s because his misdeeds have been covered up. For example, most Americans are unaware that on December 1, 1943, FDR. at a summit conference in Tehran, Iran, made a secret deal with Stalin to give Poland (and later Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia) to the Soviet dictator. FDR wanted the deal kept secret so Polish-Americans would not vote against him for re-election. Just think of the suffering Poles and others endured under the Soviet dictatorship as a result of FDR.’s actions.

Even today, the press/media are accomplices in covering up the ignorance of American presidential candidates.

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