From: Sid Roth’s It’s Supernatural, August 4-10, 2008

Sid Roth: My guest, David Jones, taught for six months on something that was so significant that the most unusual miracles started erupting….

We are going to find out what he taught because I believe what he taught is mandatory for miracles to take place.


Sid: God taught you how to walk in something, a word that most people don’t understand, don’t even comprehend, but it’s so important to God that if you want to be elevated to the next level with God, if you want to be used in this mighty outpouring of God’s Spirit, you must understand what David Jones spoke about for six months, the subject is humility. How did God start to teach you about this with a co-worker?

David: Well we got hired and at that time I was doing red iron steel work where we had big wrenches and tightening up bolts in red iron beams and so we were up about three stories and his name was Gar and he asked me what was my name and I told him and so as a couple of days went by he said man get your so and so over here and help me. And I was like shocked and I walked over to him and I said, you know I was always taught to respect the man, I respect you. I don’t want to hear what you got to say let’s get to work. And then I was trying to pray Sid, and then I had just gotten saved and I said Lord I don’t want to pray anymore I am just going to hit this man with this wrench. I said if you say anything to me and then the boss came up and broke us up and then lunchtime came and so I took my little New Testament out and I began…

Sid: You were really going to hit him in the face with the wrench?

David: Oh with all my might and with all my strength as hard as I could.

Sid: That’s not very humble.

David: No, that’s not humble at all.

Sid: Okay go ahead.

David: This is sure enough true. And so I got my New Testament out and the Lord took me to a verse that my grandma taught me, the first Bible verse was Hebrews 12:14, “Follow peace with all men, holiness without which no man shall see the Lord.” And I began to cry Sid, and I began to pray, I said God I don’t want to hurt people anymore, I was taught to kill in the Marines, I don’t want to hurt anyone anymore, I said please help me.

Now Sid, first I wanted to hit him with the wrenches, but now I’m praying for him, okay, all of a sudden the boss didn’t allow us to work together, he separated me. I’m down sorting out bolts, here he came right to me, all of a sudden the power of God picks me up and I look him in the face and I say Gar it is better for a millstone to be tied about your neck and cast into the depths of the sea than to mess with one of God’s little ones. I said that’s all I’m going to say. He said you done said enough. Then he walked off, storming off and I was like oh God have mercy.

The next day when he came to work all one side of his face was swollen up, his eye was closed in and he came straight to me. He said look at my face man, look what happened. I said what happened to you? He said I don’t know, I just woke up this morning and my face was like this and he said, and it constantly hurts. And he walked away. And I said Lord have mercy, have mercy. I didn’t say unhuh, that’s what you get messing with a Christian, no, no, no, no, I didn’t rejoice, I said Lord have mercy, touch him Lord, heal him and the Lord healed him.

From that day forth Sid, that man treated me like I was somebody and God showed me, he said son if you always hold your peace I will fight for you. The reason why a lot of Christians don’t see my mighty hand move in my life they don’t hold their peace. It is conditional; if you hold your peace I will fight for you.

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