I wrote this, based upon a personal story and a dream I had in which I saw Jesus’ face. I remember the GREAT love in His eyes!
– –
April ‘89
———-In my twenties, there was a time
———–when my roommates lived with a ghost—
———–thin, pale, sluggish. Eye sockets coal—
———-two black holes— sucked joy from both men.
———I cried up to God, out at them.
——–Physicians could not remedy.
——-Each minute struggled on, on, on….
—–One day, desperate for response,
—-I sought our Maker with complete
abandon, singing praises to
heaven, guitar in hand— full out.
Yet nothing; I heard, saw nothing,
and returned to my dark bedroom.
Asleep, I saw a face;  a face?
Whose face?? This smile— big, full, beaming
.great hope into my shattered self.
It was Christ, looking straight at me!
—.It was like a river flowing—
—.–over rock, over rock, life flowed,
—–.—never ceasing, an endless flow,
——.—-always pouring up and over,
——- .——across, through to the heart— myself
———-  -.——resting there— filling up to pour out—forward,
————–. —   ——to let LIFE flow, from this stream of God Himself.

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