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From Andrew Strom: TWO 1990's VISIONS of THE CRASH

– by Bryan Hupperts. (Nov 3, 1997)

I wanted to write and share a vision I had several years ago…
The Lord showed me a body laying on a bed in a hospital setting.
The patient was named The Economy. His chart was at the foot
of his bed and the lines on the graphs seemed to be marked by
sharp up and down turns.
He was breathing “falsely”. He was surrounded by many specialists
who were doing many things to keep him alive. He was totally on
artificial life support. Just then, the Chief Physician came in,
looked at the patient, and declared, “This patient is dead. Let that
which is dead die.” With his own finger, he threw the switch to cut
off the life support.
The Economy heaved, gasped, and died horribly.
I believe that we are headed for a global meltdown of the world
economy. This will bring chaos and ruin but will strip people of
their false god of money and many souls will be brought to Christ.
If we are walking in obedience to the Lord, we have nothing to fear.
Ask the Lord for wisdom to get your economic house in order.
Seek first the kingdom of God, And his righteousness, and all
these things (materials needs) will be added unto you.
[~ ]
– by Harold Eatmon. (1997).

“…In my last article I mentioned a vision of the Stock Market’s
‘Big Board’ having serious upcoming problems.  I saw the Stock
Market soar and then crash.  After the crash, many big business
corporations and private parties bought up stocks because of the
low cost to buy in.  Then I saw the market begin to climb again
in a short period of time.  Then it crashed again bringing tremendous
loss, ruin, and devastation to all who bought in the first time.
This is what I have labeled “Two Black Mondays.”  The time period
between the Two Black Mondays was very close together.  I could
not tell exactly how close.  It could be a couple of days to a
couple of months.  There are some tell-tale signs indicating the
season and the setting.  *I saw the season to be when ‘the leaves
fall to the ground’ then the first crash would occur.*  I also saw
the Yen and Mark fall dramatically just before this sudden and
inexplicable crash.  Like Joseph in Genesis, I believe America
will have fat years of financial blessing.  I also believe there
are coming lean years of financial difficulty for America.
I do not believe God is showing this so people can beat the game
financially.  I rather believe He is saying keep your eyes on
eternal things.  Store up treasures in Heaven.”
~The Trumpeter Journal, mid-1997.
Harold Eatmon Ministries, Int’l
PO Box 48402
Minneapolis, MN  55448, USA.

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  1. thinkingriddles

    1. This may have already occured or started with the crash of 2000
    2. one problem with the vision is that there is no longer a “Mark”
    Otherwise, the potential for two sharp falls I think is very real, and it could be speaking of now.

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