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My EMP Dream (10/23/08): All Cars Suddenly Stopped From Electromagnetic Pulse Weapon?

About 8am this morning (10/23/08), I had a dream in which all of the cars around me suddenly stopped working, including my own. And the only thing I can think of that could cause this would be an electromagnetic pulse weapon (EMP). There was no sound in the dream, like a bang, but I imagine that an EMP would detonate so far away and so high above that no sound would be heard.
The dream:
It felt like I was in my home town, Anchorage, Alaska [just south of Dimond about a block from the New Seward Highway], but as dreams typically are, not everything matched up, so it could have been in any modern town/city. The weather was clear and mild—no snow on the ground.
I was driving on a side road where I noticed on the highway in front of me and on the side roads around me that all the cars had stopped, drivers still behind the wheel. I thought maybe mine was okay, but then I realized that my car had lost power and was coasting to a stop.
I could see maybe 30 or 35 cars, all stopped, all spaced apart, like they are when driving, because they must have all stopped at the same time.
I got out of the car to talk to the guy in the car nearest me, to get his take on this, and then what looked like a decked out, Jeep-like vehicle drove by us. It could easily have been an older, pre-computerized, impervious-to-an-EMP model, but it’s hard to tell with Jeeps.
And then a modern, shiny sedan was driving up the street towards us. It was about 70 feet away when the dream ended.
Then I thought, the only thing I know that could cause this is an EMP, an electro-magnetic pulse weapon. I have also heard that GM’s OnStar can also shut down (or at least slow down to a crawl) vehicles so equipped. But unless this dream was of an event far into the future when almost all of us would have this technology it appears this was an EMP. I doubt if this even was far into the future, because I didn’t seem any older than I am now, nor did the cars appear to be any different than those currently available.
It’s possible that this is an event that can be avoided if we pray and sufficiently get right with God and people, but my guess is this is a warning that should be taken seriously, partly because what others are saying and a prophecy I unexpectedly received recently while writing a comment under the recent, Andrew Strom post on the depression. The prophecy part is in italics. Here is an excerpt.

“… Perilous times will come because you’ve disobeyed. You have not held up My banner of honor. And you will be scourged. For I was not in this, all that you did for Me—Me not being in your midst. Come back in the time of trouble. Glorify Me. Don’t fear. Get off the boat of greed and independence. Let’s be ONE. Let’s do it together….

For holiness will abound and you will be ONE, living together, helping one another through the difficult times ahead. It’s too late to reverse what’s been done, for My men have been rejected. There was a season. Now is the time to overcome and get right with all those around, so you can be holy and set apart. Forgiveness will reign from your hearts, and we will be together, embracing for eternity. You in Me and I in you. It should always be this way—resting, relaxed, righteousness abounding—your hearts glad. Lift others high, yourselves last. And let’s do it, My people. Freedom at last. There is a better way in which life reigns and spirits are set free to abound. Don’t limit what you can do. Rest in Me, forgiving. And I will prepare a place for you by My side, abounding. It is for everyone. We can all be ONE. Let’s reign over temptation and back in the boat where iniquity has been bailed out. This is the only way to do it. Me first, in My love. Freedom. Go slow, always in love; never fear, and I will bail you out. Be not afraid to obey even when it hurts. Feel My love abound. Rest. Give Me your pride. Fall on your face daily, and be prepared to suffer. But I am in this. Your heart will swell with love, and it will be easy to remain in Me when others are on the boat with you. For now, relax, and let righteousness reign. Don’t worry. Perilous times will come. It is too late to remedy. Now, let’s pray.”

The prophecy gives the spiritual solution to what we should do, especially when read in its entirety along with my earlier Let Us Be One prophecy. And we need to finally get our doctrine straightened out, y’all. For I believe that false doctrine is the root cause of the downfall we are experiencing. We’re supposed to be abiding in Christ, together. There should be no hate towards anyone. We must repent. Freedom within from the yuck. We can live above the fray, but it looks like it’s going to get ugly.
If we’re hit by an EMP, from what I understand, that will wipe all hard drives, unless they’re shielded with something like lead. So just about everything in our infrastructure is therefore vulnerable, including the power grid.
It might be a good idea to back up important data on DVD-Roms, etc.. Or house an extra hard drive in an EMP-proof box.
If anyone has ideas about how to prepare for such an event, or whatever, feel free to comment below.
[the following day]
I asked an in-the-know friend about how to protect from an EMP. He responded:

You have to keep these car computers in a metal container.  An ammo can is great since it has a water tight seal.  Even without a can, most car computers would be alright since there are no long wires attached to them to act as antennae for the EMP [presumably, this is referring to a spare not installed in a car, which I had asked him about – editor].

Hard to safeguard computer hard drives, because there are some many wires attached to them.  Best is backup the drive regularly with large flash drives, which are much more resistant to EMP since they have no wires.

Also, I’ve been thinking about that shiny, silver, sedan that was still able to operate even though it was a totally modern design that must run from a computer module like any other car manufactured in the last 20 or so years.
How did these guys EMP-proof their car? And were they insider, globalists who knew the attack was coming? FEMA? Or maybe there are cars being made that are peculiarly EMP resistant.
Jeff Fenske
Anchorage, Alaska
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