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Daniel Rodes Prophecy 2/28/09: What Will Happen to Our Little Ones?

I just received this in an email from my friend, Daniel Rodes, a leader whom I respect greatly!
How can we be “safe and secure…no matter what happens?”
Jeff : )
Daniel’s site: Truth, Light and Life Mission
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Prophetic Word from Apostle Daniel Rodes
Saturday Feb 28, 2009 (PM)

“Oh My people, why are you so fearful? Why are you wondering in your mind what I am going to do with you in the future? Why have you learned to fear the things around about you instead of fearing Me, My people.

You have questioned what will happen to our little ones. I am still the same God I was many years ago. I have brought My people through every situation, every trial and every test they have had to face ever in life. I am still overwatching My people. I am still overruling My people. I am still keeping My people under the everlasting arms, protecting them and helping them and guiding them.

Oh My people, why not trust Me? Why are you so fearful? Why are you looking in the future as though you have to do everything? It is not in your power nor in your might. I am your God, and I will care for you in these trying, testing days. Be not afraid but learn to trust Me.

Many of you have learned to fear the things around about you. Now turn that fear into trust. For My arms are outstretched to you, O My people.

And those of you which are living according to the flesh, you will have problems. You will have great disappointments. But those of you which put your trust and confidence in Me and abide in My word, you will be safe and secure in the days ahead no matter what happens. I will be watching over you.

Fear not what will happen to your little ones. Just commit them to Me total and completely. For what can you do anyway? What can you do to spare them? What can you do to help them?

I am the Lord God of Abraham, the God of Isaac, and the God of Jacob, and I am still upon the throne. And I am still watching over all My remnant and will protect them to the end” says the Lord.

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  1. Carol Gardener

    I am a 7th day Adventist. We are advised to not eat meat and animal products because of a vision Ellen White our prophet had about the poisonous condition of them in the end days. We also observe the origial Sabbath on Saturdays. Any advice on this denomination. respectfully, Carol Gardener
    P.S. I watched Daniel’s video today about his vison of the future of the USA I believe it!!

    • Jeff Fenske

      Dear Carol,
      I haven’t seen Daniel’s video since just after it came out on video. Perhaps, I should get it out again. It’s too bad it’s not online (that I can find, anyway).
      These stipulations that the 7th Day Adventist organization puts on members are clearly not biblical. It’s a good thing to eat foods that are as natural as possible, though. We have GMO corn and soy, for example, and I imagine many 7th Day Adventists eat a lot of soy, which even in the non-GMO form is very problematic. See: Apparently, only the fermented soy products should be eaten, and this is true for women as well.
      And most cows are now fed GMO corn….
      Regarding bringing the law into the new covenant, I’ve written a number of things. (notice what the council in Jerusalem kept from the law in Acts 15)
      We have a big discussion on whether we should still be led by the law in this post (comments #17 and beyond, with a few exceptions):
      Also, Peter’s vision was clear about eating meat. Anyone who insists that people completely disregard what the scripture so crystal clearly says is a false prophet.
      Those who are led by the Spirit are the children of God, Paul says.
      We are now to live in freedom — freedom to obey the Holy Spirit, living lives of love — not putting things on people that God hasn’t.
      This is sin, and it takes people away from learning how to follow the Holy Spirit, directly. And this isn’t just happening in the 7th Day Adventists ‘church.’ Many evangelical churches still push old covenant tithing, robbing God of people’s devotion in learning how to be led by Him. And then there is this Hebrew roots movement.

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