From: Sid Roth’s It’s Supernatural

On It’s Supernatural:

At age 12, Franklin Walden was carried into the heavens
and told he would minister healing to hurting people,
and that it would be seen and heard throughout the world.
He has seen the lame walk, the blind see,
and the dead being raised to life. …

Sid: Why does one doctor call you “the miracle man”?

Franklin: Well, I left my body for 21 days.

Sid: What happened? Did you have a heart problem?

Franklin: No, I had a ruptured colon, and I almost bled to death.

Sid: So you’re laying in the hospital bed,
but you’re not in that bed, you’re somewhere else.
Where are you at?

Franklin: First I was at a place with my family,
then my wife and I went into the heavens.
God carried us to a place I believe was paradise.
Then I came back, and carried me beneath the earth,
and went into hell. That’s the sad part.

Most people don’t know, but hell is real.
When I saw what’s going on,
and heard the gnashing of the teeth
and the screams of the damned and the doomed,
then I looked and there were some ministers there
with their whole congregations

They were gnashing their teeth on this minister,
and he couldn’t get away.
They said You told us you had the truth.
We followed you

Sid: Was that minister suffering? It sounds like it.

Franklin: Oh my, was he going through it.

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