Transcribed by Jeff Fenske

“Get Over Your Fear.”

“Ask yourself,
‘If I had nothing to lose what would I do?'”

“Having an epiphany is great, terrific,
but often, they tell you something you already knew in your heart.”*

— John Tesh

* It’s been my experience, also, that this is true for those of us who are born-again because the Holy Spirit has been prompting our hearts so we already know what to do. However, I think it’s wise to also pay attention to and even seek words of knowledge, dreams and/or visions in order to know for sure, when it comes guidance for important decisions.

I posted this because fear really does seem to keep so many from doing what we know deep down we should. It’s important to know what to do, but it doesn’t matter until we step out of the boat and walk onto the water — in faith.

May we be truly Holy Spirit led, not letting fear stop us from doing what we know we should — so we can soar in God and really make a difference!

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