Jesus prayed we'd be 'ONE' with each other in Him that the world will know! (John 17)

Awesome R. T. Kendall forgiving message and response at ALCC today! | My personal blog | Watch R. T. live online speak at the Holy Spirit Conference in Anchorage 1/31 – 2/3!

UPDATED after hearing R. T.’s message, tonight.
This is a follow-up of: Alaska: R. T. Kendall, author of “Total Forgiveness” (a forgive-others-&-be-free book) will be speaking at Abbott Loop on Sunday
Wow! The R. T. Kendall’s message on forgiving couldn’t have been better at Abbott Loop this morning — seriously! I have never heard anyone ever really speak of how to totally forgive; though, I’ve been researching this for two decades.
R. T. did it in about 45 minutes, using the Joseph example as a back-drop. And the people responded virtually en masse! Art Mathias had laid the foundation, and R. T. Kendall is bringing us toward home plate. We’re not there yet, though.
I’m so excited — floored — dumfounded! We now have the fruitful garden from which the never-ending revival will happen big-time!!! A revival that will simply be real Christianity flourishing in our midst for ever. The never-ending revival!!! I see it!
I took a bunch of pics during the message that I hope to post soon either here, or at my personal blog, or both. I haven’t decided where to post things yet. I do have a personal category here at ONEcanhappen, and my personal blog is so filled with Cargo’s Last Stand and other photos. I guess I’ll just play it all by ear, post by post. I don’t want to unnecessarily alienate people who are visiting to look at photos at by putting a lot of spiritual stuff on there. But on the other hand, the spiritual stuff that is happening now is so cool (and the world is getting so dark) that I think less and less people will be offended. isn’t prominently linked from ToBeFree or ONEcanhappen, because I’ve been out of touch with my webMASTER for quite a while now. He taught me a lot, but he did the linked icons on the right side of the site. I can’t do what he can do.
Anyway, the last thing I wanted to mention here is that I just found out today that R. T. Kendall is up here for a conference at Muldoon Community Assembly of God church, here in Anchorage. It looks like he’ll be speaking all four days, starting in a few minutes. Here is the schedule: And this is where the conference can be watched online (but apparently only as a live stream):

Jeff : )

I just watched R. T. speak his message, tonight, online.
The sound was pretty poor, but I could make out most of the words by cranking up my amp.
It looks like they’ve figured it out now.
Also, there’s no need to login. That’s just for the chat room.
R. T. spoke the same message tonight that he spoke at Abbott Loop this morning — to my delight! And he added one aspect that I didn’t catch this morning: that it’s the Holy Spirit’s job to convict those who’ve hurt us. It’s not ours. We can just totally let it go, trusting God to do His job — not taking on His job.
The seven points he makes are incredible. I’ll probably be posting more on this teaching in the near future.
I would love to ask R. T. how he came up with these seven points. He mentioned a few personal examples in these messages, but it would be wonderful to hear how he has put together what I have seen no one else achieve.
Praise God!!!!!!! I’ve been so hungry to find forgiving teaching that actually totally works….
: )
My notes: R. T Kendall’s 4th message at Muldoon A of G: On being tomorrow’s man or woman | Being thankful for everything! | The most neglected teaching on the Holy Spirit: The dove is a very shy, sensitive bird. You can be in a car and someone is driving so slow in front of you and the Dove just flies away. Or “I’m just telling the truth,” but the Dove flies away. Let’s learn to get the Dove to come down and maybe the FIRE will fall!


Who are the Children of God?


Watching R. T. Kendall via live webstream: My notes — "The Anointing: Yesterday's Man"


    • Jeff Fenske

      Dear Godmeantitforgood,
      I don’t know why you posted this without comment, but I would agree with Kendall about Lakeland. I avoided it pretty much entirely, as a search on my site would show.
      The current IHOP Awakening is another story to me. Mike Bickle is a man of integrity. He’s been through a lot of this before. He has a certain amount of the fear of the Lord, and he’s a man of the Word. I really like Wes Hall too.
      They seem to be struggling right now with the “We’re sons of God no matter what” issue. But I’m also seeing them counter with more than just a mere mention of the fear of the Lord.
      On the other hand, R. T. Kendall is apparently solidly once-saved-always-saved, himself. He wrote an entire book about this. To me, the OSAS doctrine is the key reason for the fall of the church and hence the fall of America.
      And Kendall mentioned Jonathan Edwards. Edwards was preaching: If we were to die right now, you all, the way we’re living we’re going to hell for eternity.
      And the people cried out and repented and we had The Great Awakening.
      IHOP is calling the church into holiness. People are repenting from all kinds of sins and getting set free, seeing how good God is, how much He loves us. But we can’t live that way. Many will go back into their sin unless they learn the truth about who goes to heaven and who really are the children of God.
      Regarding R. T., I just heard the greatest message on forgiving I’ve every heard by far!!! And I am so grateful!!!
      I hope we can all get on the same page doctrinally, soon. It’s possible that this will happen when we see where God truly does pour out His Spirit.
      I think if just one church gets their key doctrines right, right actions will follow — and God will show up big-time!
      Jeff Fenske

      • C E Olivera

        Dear Jeff Fenske,
        Thank you for your reply to “godmeanitforgood” regarding the Lakeland link comment.
        I have known RT Kendall personally for about 10 years and have an extremely high regard for him.
        “goodmeantiforgood” has been slandering RT Kendall anonymously on every possible public forum – which says a lot about the writer rather than RT.
        RT has served God and His Church well and blessed many through a total preaching of the gospel of salvation, grace, love and mercy.
        By the way, you dont need to be an expert to work out that on the Lakeland link he posted, almost entirely coming from “goodmeantitforgood” – same style, same wording. The unverifiable, libellous gossip posts speaks volumes about the contributor.
        Any thinking Christian reader can easily judge for themselves what is the real truth and what is an attack. After all, the scripture tells us that:
        “…slandering others makes you a fool” (Proverbs 10:18b)
        I trust that the moderator of this website will check the
        IP addresses of the slanderous RT postings and will not let them published.

  1. Or'lanthia Lloyd

    Yesterday @ ALCC was my first time hearing R.T. Kendall speak, it was awsome!!! I was so moved by him and what his message was all about. It became a soul searching event that has moved me to a different, better, more peaceful place with some things I have struggled within my life that I needed to let go of; To be at peace with myself and to forgive those. Forgivness was hard until yesterday. He wasn’t on stage long enough. I could have listened to him for hours.

    • Jeff Fenske

      Hi Or’lanthia,
      It was great to meet you yesterday! And this is so great to hear!
      It’s wonderful to be able to trust God to deal with people in His all-knowing/all-loving/all-just way. Then we can so easily love our enemies, now equipped with R. T.’s 7 amazing keys! It’s so cool! This way we’re on their side, we’re cheering for them!
      I was even able to reconcile yesterday with a person at the end of the meeting. Wow! Thanks largely to R. T. sharing his insight with us.
      Thank you, Jesus! Now, we can really unite as the body of Christ in Anchorage — starting with just a few — but then it will be many!
      Peace is awesome!
      Anchorage can be a city of peace!!!!!!!
      May Your will be done, Lord Jesus!!! You are welcome in our midst — Lord God!!!
      We are under Your authority. Lead us.
      May we be an example. ONE happened in Anchorage, Alaska!
      I’m crying. We’re going to see it soon!
      Jeff : )

  2. godmeantitforgood

    Why did I post the link for RT Kendall Lakeland?
    Living in a delusion believing that a man can be righteous when he is walking in darkness is a sin.
    The unrighteous shall not inherit the kingdom of God.

  3. C E Olivera

    Dear Jeff,
    I enjoyed reading your blog and the info page.
    If you/someone has time, can you please help me to find the link to RT Kendall’s message online? I plan to watch it online with my home group.
    Question no 2: Where can I find churches that had been influenced by IHOP in Europe, particulary in the UK?
    I was touched by the message “IHOP is calling the church into holiness. People are repenting from all kinds of sins and getting set free” WOW
    Many thanks and God Bless

    • Jeff Fenske

      C E,
      Thank you!
      The only video by RT that I could find online on forgiving is on his homepage:
      It’s excellent, and is similar to what he taught here, but the problem that to me is huge, is that it can’t be paused and restarted or navigated upon in any way. You just have to start it and let it roll. If you don’t watch the whole thing right away, you have to start all over again from the beginning.
      It’s excellent though. And it also can’t be expanded to full screen mode, which you’d probably like to do.
      It might be better just to buy a dvd from someone. might have one for sale, cheap. I don’t know what they have available. I can’t find the info online. You could call the church office. I’m pretty sure I remember them filming it. They have the audio message online now, if you want just audio. He’s great to watch, though!
      And while you’re at ALCC’s site, Art Mathias’ forgiving message is also excellent.
      And R T spoke the same message and four others at a conference in Anchorage during this same time. They also have his audio messages online for free. And they said that DVDs would be available.
      Again, they probably don’t charge much, but shipping may be a problem to UK. And I’ve heard that Customs is making it hard to ship overseas now. Not sure if this applies here.
      Regarding IHOP influenced churches in Europe, I have no idea. Adrian sometimes makes comments here, but I don’t have his email address. Adrian, are you listening? He might know, as he’s from the UK.
      You could probably find out some from IHOP. And Wes Hall, IHOPU provost is from the UK. He’d probably know, but he’s probably sooooooooo busy. And if you know of any churches that were affected by the Vineyard movement, they’re probably into the IHOP thing now, hopefully.
      Also, I should say something about holiness and RT and IHOP. RT has some great teaching that I absolutely love — on forgiving, yesterday’s man vs tomorrow’s man, etc.!!! But RT is once-saved-always-saved big-time!
      And IHOP seems to be close to OSAS. I transcribed this:—-so-close-and-yet-so-far-away-—-from-full-revival. I think this is really hurting the revival. How can we have a Third Great Awakening and something similar to OSAS?
      IHOP seems to be totally avoiding the “getting right with our brother” theme that was the main emphasis at Asbury. This would be a good one to watch at your home group too:
      I love what is going on at IHOP, but I’m amazed that so far IHOP isn’t going in this direction at all. There is so much crying for God to show up, but He will automatically show up when we are right with each other.
      I hope all goes well there!
      Jeff Fenske
      Anchorage, Alaska

  4. C E Olivera

    Dear Jeff,
    Thank you so much for taking the time and answering my questions and for sending the useful links. Plenty of spiritual food, thank you! I think I will spend the next weekend learning and reseraching.
    Google search came up with a IHOP event in May in London:
    IHOP LONDON “• ABLAZE 2010 “AWAKENING PASSION FOR JESUS” ” is coming up soon! Corey Russell and Stephen Beauchamp from IHOP-KC are coming to do a conference at IHOP London at the end of May. WHAT A BLESSING! get prepared… More info will be coming soon.
    I started to be interested in IHOP because of the RT Kendall’s connection and because of the of the Satanic attack on some WordPress websites.
    (No need to worry about these, some people pretending to be “christians” cursing RT Kendall, Rick Joyner, John Paul Jackson, Mike Bickle etc. and posting regular hate speech comments.) It proves that IHOP is right. If Satan stirs up so much opposition IHOP must be very dangerous.
    decided to go the places where it comes from to confirm my own assessment.
    The Total Forgiveness book changed my life after I heard RT Kendall preaching on this.
    Thank you for pointing me to the right direction to get his DVDs,
    I also found this website video on Total Forgiveness (recorded in Christ Life Church, AZ) which seems to be perfect length for a prayer group session:
    There was another semon in Kensington Temple, London which greatly blessed everyone. “The time of your visitation”
    RT Kendall is being introduced by Colin Dye, Senior Pastor of Kensington Temple as “RT came back stronger than ever, more anointed as ever”
    The message is awesome and encouraging. (for some reason, posted on a german website) If you have time, it will bless you.
    With best wishes and blessings from London,
    CE Olivera

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