R. T. Kendall’s second message at Muldoon Community Assembly
R. T. is talking about mainly doing the things that are easy for us to do — what we are designed and anointed, called by God to do.


R. T. is using Saul’s life as an example.
“The Anointing: Yesterday’s Man”
R. T.’s book on this subject: The Anointing: Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow
Most people have jobs they shouldn’t have. Many were fine in what they were doing, but then they took the upgrade. They took the upgrade to supervisor or manager because of the prestige, but they aren’t gifted in that….
Many like the prestige of being head pastor, etc.. “The Peter Principle.”
Accept the limits of your anointing. Walk in your grace. Be honest at what you’re good at and not jealous at someone else who has a different gift.
What God calls you to do you will be able to do — and you won’t struggle.”
R. T. says it’s easy for him to publicly speak.
R. T. isn’t excited about not being good at algebra, but he’s found some things he’s good at.
Be content in the way God made you.
We need to hear His voice. As long as we can hear God’s voice we are not yesterday’s man or woman.
How people become yesterday’s man or woman:
• By putting ourselves above the Word.
If you want to become a fool, imagine God showed you something that contradicts the scripture.
We must all submit to scripture.
• When we take ourselves too seriously
They don’t want correction; can’t laugh at themselves, can’t bear criticism.
The greatest freedom is having nothing to prove.
When you live in your anointing…
Yesterdays’ man is consumed with jealousy
• When you can no longer keep your word
Many today are consumed with jealousy. [which is in the Galatians-5 list of those who won’t inherit the kingdom of God (who are not Christ’s), by the way]
Talking about The Lakeland Revival. R. T. could see early on, and spoke out; though, many leaders jumped right in. Some of the leaders still won’t admit they got it wrong.
• Won’t be accountable to anybody
“I’m accountable to God, thank you.”
He talked about a formerly greatly gifted prophet [whom I am quite familiar with] who recently fell badly, and is now yesterday’s man. [That’s sad to hear. I was hoping he was doing better.]