Jesus prayed we'd be 'ONE' with each other in Him that the world will know! (John 17)

My $6,000 Challenge! I will give $6,000 to anyone who can refute my "Who-Goes-To-Heaven Scriptures — Narrow is the Way" article

[UPDATE – 1/14/12: I’m pulling this $6,000 offer, on this, the 4 year anniversary of Who-Goes-To-Heaven Scriptures — Narrow is the Way. I’ve proven my point. There have been no takers. No one can take down this simple, straight-to-the point Bible truth that hardly anyone dares preach. But we must! Teachers will get a stricter judgment, you all. Hmmm?!!!!!!! Come on! This is no joke!]
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My $6,000 Challenge!

I will now [as of 9/8/10] give $6,000 to anyone who can refute my Who-Goes-To-Heaven Scriptures — Narrow is the Way | Who are the Children of God? article.
There is no time to be low key about this any more. I am convinced that once-saved-always-saved (OSAS) has all but destroyed the church in America — and America, itself! And many are going to hell having been taught they are going to heaven.
And this is the message that Americans have spread throughout the world! This is so serious — and tragic beyond belief!!
But there is a remedy: sound doctrine returning to the land — which I think will lay the necessary groundwork so the Third Great Awakening can revive the church in America and throughout the world!
I have made this offer before, first $500, then $1,000, in comments in this site. I didn’t want to present it front and center for a number of reasons. The main reason is that I thought I could get deluged with challenges that would take more time than I have to keep up with. I also wanted to be certain that God wanted me to take this step.
I believe I have the go-ahead, and $1,500 [now $3,000 $6,000] is a figure that is more than I would have wanted to venture. I’m pretty much a paycheck to paycheck kind of guy. But it’s also a sum that will make the challenge more worthwhile to take on.
If this study really is faulty, it would be easy for theologians to refute it and collect an easy $1,500 $3,000 $6,000, right? But if this study is truly sound, then why is once-saved-always-saved (and similar: “it’s hard to lose one’s salvation”) taught almost universally throughout America and the world — in seminaries, churches, on radio (including the songs) and TV?
Have millions of Americans been brainwashed into believing a false doctrine that has literally brought America to the brink — and we’re bringing down many nations with us? The Red Gate Prophecy — What If I Open It Just a Little Bit? explains how ‘Christians’ willful sin is destroying America — not the liberals, etc..
I am convinced that once saved, always saved (and similar) is the number one doctrine that is destroying the church in America, and is keeping real Christianity from happening, so that I’m willing to make this offer.
Now, what are the conditions?
• This offer is only to the first person who can successfully refute my article.
• Who is the jury? You are. If someone is successful, it will be evident to all, for I won’t delete any challenges that give me a run for the money. If comments are lengthy, I reserve the right to delete them (with notation), because I can’t overload the comment section of a post with super long comments. However, if the comments are too long, perhaps it would work to post lengthy comments in their own post. We’ll see. If your comments are at all long, will you please post them under this article, not at Who-Goes-To-Heaven…? I’m not sure what my options are if I get tons of comments, especially if they are long. This was one of my hesitations in more boldly presenting this challenge. But so far, no one has taken me up on it, so it’s possible that when people read what these scriptures say, they’ll realize there is no way to refute what is so clearly fact.
Also, please feel free to read the many comments under Who-Goes-To-Heaven… and the related articles, especially:

Joe Schimmel: The Great Deception—Once Saved, Always Saved

Dan Corner Interview: The Believer’s Conditional Security

• I’m personally into the truth, whatever it is. If someone does successfully refute this article, then I will embrace the truth. I don’t think it’s possible to refute this, but we’ll see. I have looked at this from so many angle, and have been led by the Holy Spirit (Whom Jesus said is supposed to lead us into all truth) on a number of occasions to help me. I had a very significant dream about 20 years ago, and this is also a prime example: Let Us Be ONE — a 34-part prophecy.
• Also, I haven’t made a succinct conclusion. I’m not going to say precisely where the line is in who goes to heaven. I present scriptures that are pretty clear in themselves, and together, they present the picture.
• If one, or perhaps a few of my quotations can be shown to not apply to salvation, I would like to know this, but that isn’t refuting the entire article. In order to collect the money, the challenger would have to demonstrate that the gist of this presentation is not on track. You would have to successfully demonstrate that the main idea that I’m presenting here isn’t true regarding who actually goes to heaven, biblically.
• I have never done this kind of thing before and I’m not a legal expert, so if I’m leaving something out here that I shouldn’t have, I reserve the right to be able to correct this error. This is out in the open, so you all will be able to witness the progression of events.
• I should also say that I’ll probably be making small changes to this post and some changes to my Who-Goes-To-Heaven article. But its theme has been basically the same in the more than three years it’s been up. Changes have mainly been in adding additional material.
• It really does appear that no one will be able to refute my article. Please pray about how you can help these truths become mainstream. And I’m open to comments and suggestions. We can no longer be crippled by the doctrine that Martin Luther made popular, based mainly upon Paul’s introductory comments, ignoring the meat of what Jesus, Paul and many other New Testament teachers taught. Luther even knew his doctrine wasn’t biblically cogent: Martin Luther’s Subordinate Bible Books: Hebrews, James, Jude & Revelation.
• If you read Who-Goes-To-Heaven…, you’ll see that I believe that the Bible teaches that liars can’t go to heaven. So I’m especially not going to do anything deceptive here to get out of paying out the $1,500 $3,000 $6,000 to someone who really deserves it. So feel free to contact your pastors, seminary professors, biblical scholars. It’s time to get this issue settled, to crucify once and for all OSAS, eternal security and “It’s hard to lose one’s salvation.”
• Also, I reserve the right to discontinue this offer if I do end up getting swamped with challenges. But if I pull the offer, it won’t be because someone successfully succeeded in challenging me. I have a lot to do besides this. I’m not making any money from my labor at these sites. I’m doing this solely to help get the word out, so real Christianity can finally happen at the group level, and so the percentage of who goes to heaven skyrockets! And ONE can happen so the Pete Townshends know!
We need revival!!!
I would appreciate your prayers. This theology upsets the apple cart, to say the least. Many ‘Christians’ (especially pastors) really do James-3 curse people who challenge their comfort zone. I have an entire category on just this subject, which is really a serious, little-understood epidemic. And those who have taught once saved, always saved (and similar) for years know should be worried about the serious trouble they are in. But the point is to find out now, while we still have time to get real Christianity going, despite what happens to our world as we know it.
The hour is late, the need is great. Business as usual will not do anymore.
God bless! May we all come to the knowledge of the truth. ONE can happen (Jesus’ heart-cry for us in John 17). “Then the world will know.” Now, the world smells a stinky rat.
We can do better. We can be ONE with each other, truly in Him!
Could it be that when the real gospel is preached to the whole world, then the end will come. I think it will become evident that what we’ve spread around the world is largely a false gospel — deceiving many from America.
The world deserves to hear and see the real thing!
We need to get this very important doctrine finally right!

Let’s be ONE!


Jeff Fenske
Anchorage, Alaska

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Abbott Loop has apparently joined the once-saved-always-saved camp — "the doctrine that’s bringing US down into the pit" and keeping us apart. But what does the Bible really say?


  1. Maxine

    Hi Jeff
    Well I have read a portion but not all, I know that I have heard one christian say, that if you are not OSAS, then you never really believed in the first plas and so weren’t really saved, if YOU REALLY BELIEVE then you can’t lose your spot was their statement. I’ll have to do more on this for myself. Good job, keep it up and be brave like Daniel.

    • Jeff Fenske

      Thanks, Maxine!!! I can definitely use some more boldness, having been shot down throughout much of my Christian life by professing ‘Christians!’ There’s so much hate and anger out there. Many ‘Christians’ think they can James-3 curse people and still go to heaven.
      Praise God we can focus on what is lovely, excellent and praiseworthy through photography, anyway, eh? And I think revival is around the corner, now. That will be such a joy!!
      I think real Christianity could have easily happened years ago, just by getting our doctrines right. But now, the fall of America will only speed up the process. Our only refuge may be in God and with each other — Christians who are ONE with each other in Christ, as Jesus prayed would happen in John 17 — which is the theme of this blog.
      Regarding what the Bible teaches about who goes to heaven:
      most of what is taught in America in evangelical churches is mainly based upon what Paul says in his introductions, where he was saying mainly positive generalities — before he laid out the specific truths — the nitty gritty.
      Paul’s *conclusions* of who goes to heaven then, and only then line up with what Jesus, James, John, the writer to the Hebrews, etc. also teach.
      Power to the peaceful!
      Jeff : )

  2. Ricky Jackson

    OSAS is nothing new; it is the exact doctrine conjured up by Nicolai, the one of whom Yeshua said he hated the doctrine of the Nicolaitans (Rev. 2:6 & 2:15).

  3. Anonymous

    what you had to say was good but the way you kept saying how great what you had to say was and the whole no one can refut this thing makes you sound cocky and like it is a great achievement for you and not for God

    • Jeff Fenske

      Thank you for sharing your perspective. I just now rewrote some of this, toning it down a bit.
      Perhaps what you felt was more so the frustration I feel in seeing what seems to be willful ignorance among Christians to not even want to make sure that they are going to heaven.
      I just don’t understand how human beings who have the Holy Spirit in them are so reluctant to believe and run with what the Bible so clearly says.
      The only explanation for the extent of this delusion is that most ‘Christians’ really are directly influenced by demons. I think this is mainly through the prayers (James-3 curses) that they would accept these false doctrines without question.
      These demons internally drive the people to knee-jerk react negatively so they won’t do the second part of what Paul said was more noble: to make sure that what they’ve been taught is really true.
      ‘Christians’ are mainly deluded, being led by deluded pastors who actually are being used by the Devil to con the people into slumber.
      I heard a pastor say a few days ago that the church is actually getting better because it’s more popular to now be a Christian. He even read one of the verses in my header (Eph. 4:11-16) as being the standard. Yet we don’t even feel the presence of God anymore during church services???
      He had actually resigned his post years ago, but he’s still teaching this kind of nonsense. And they tried to make me look like the bad guy for daring to question their once-saved-always-saved doctrine that they insisted that we all accept without question.
      It’s prayers (James-3 curses) from leaders like these who are keeping the matrix intact — actually reinforcing it. Only when we do our own research and pray enough in tongues (perhaps) to get free from these demons, forgiving these false teachers from our hearts will we get free enough to run with what is really true.
      There is a real spiritual battle going on.
      May we all be free of demons so that these grace changing, James-3 cursers will no longer be used by the Devil to distort the gospel into a license to sin.
      Our warfare is not against people, but against the powers that control these people.
      May we all walk in love and be free!
      If you see that I’m missing the mark in how I”m coming across in anything else I write, please comment again. And perhaps I will correct what I said sooner than I did here.
      Jeff Fenske

  4. lana haavig

    It’s a spiritual warfare, we live it daily the word tells us in (John 1:12) we are children of GOD who believe, and accepted him, in (1Peter 2:9) he tells us we are his chosen people, a holy nation, GOD’s very own possesion, he has called us out of the darkness and into his wonderful life, we can do all things through Christ who strengthens us, ….(1 john 4:4 ) tells us we have already won a victory over those people because the spirit who lives in you is gtreater than the spirit who lives in the world, its daily renewal in our mind, renew your mind daily with the word of GOD all things are new….our behavior, our thoughts, our hearts, he will give us the words to speak.

  5. Anonymous

    everybody goes to heaven…. the question is on what side of the gulf…….. then the millenium ( I’m not sure of spelling) comes … and God is judge….. the ones that won’t make it are the druggies : (
    God Bless …. and let’s keeping setting the example : )

  6. Rashida Linton

    Allow your conscious to be guided by your heart. The heart is not pure, but with faith/belief in Jesus Christ our saviour… I believe our hearts progress living life through love. Its simply about living, and do everything with/through love. I believe heaven is open to those who want to walk through the gates. Just like people that sometimes get off on khe wrong path, but learn through experience that they are on the wrong path. Its embedded in us to want to do right, but few are weak to listen to their conscious. Its called conquered.

  7. We don’t have to guess if we’re going to heaven or not. The Bible tells us who are going — and it is about having a pure heart. Many scriptures here: Who-Goes-To-Heaven Scriptures — Narrow is the Way | Who are the Children of God?

  8. Sandra

    Romans 4:5 “But to him that worketh not, but believeth on Him that justifieth the ungodly, his faith is counted for righteousness.”

    • So you’re going to draw a conclusion from the early part of Paul’s letter, before he completely developed his thought?
      I don’t understand. Romans is a letter that has a beginning, an ending and ideas in the middle. Why do people pull greatest-hits verses out instead of letting Paul interpret what saving faith is in Romans 8 and 11?
      People are picking and choosing what they want to hear, instead of letting Paul interpret Paul, Jesus interpret Jesus, etc..

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