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My 1990 Key-to-Revival Prophecy: “There is might and there is power and there isglory, but it is being withheld until these relationships are made right, until we love our brother enough to…”

I have to say that I’m kind of flabbergasted, and for sure, disappointed, but at least it’s out in the open now. And this is partly what has encouraged me to finally, officially launch My $6,000 Challenge! I will give $6,000 to anyone who can refute my Who-Goes-To-Heaven Scriptures — Narrow is the Way article.


I am convinced that once-saved-always-saved (OSAS or eternal security) is The Great Deception and the main reason for the fall of real Christianity and the fall of America. I have written Who-Goes-To-Heaven Scriptures — Narrow is the Way | Who are the Children of God?, which no one has been able to refute, and is basically the opposite of what was taught in Anchorage one week ago, in the church that at one time used to be so into holiness.

I attended part of Abbott Loop Community Church‘s Sunday service on 2/28/10. For the first time, ever, I heard from the pulpit once-saved-always-saved taught as fact. It was just a side-note to the message on wisdom, but it’s plain as day. According to Joshua Tanner, a born-again Christian “can have sexual immorality,” “lie and steal,” and Jesus will accept him into heaven. He just doesn’t get his “gift.”

Here is my transcription from the podcast, Call to Character – Wisdom (starting at minute-37), head pastor Joshua Tanner speaking [he was actually joking around quite a bit and impersonating goofy voices, which is part of the reason for the congregation laughing. But this is no laughing matter].
Josh starts out well, saying:

“What they ought to be: you love correction enough to first even look at the Word and say ‘my life’s not in alignment.'”

But then he says:

“Not go: [in a goofy voice] ‘It doesn’t really mean that I can’t have sexual immorality, and I can’t live, you know and lie and steal, and do whatever I want. It doesn’t really mean that. Grace, it’s all covered by the grace of God. I can do whatever I want. I’m going to stand before Jesus and He’s going to love me anyway.’

Yeah, He is going to love you. And He took all judgment on you for all those decisions you’re going to make. But you know what you’re going to do: live a powerish, lame, weak life. You’re going to stand before God and He’s going to go, ‘why? [in a goofy voice] Ohhhh. No gift for you [congregation laughs]. [Josh laughs] Right.

Like, ‘over to the healing leaves. You go to the healing leaves.’ That’s in Revelation. I don’t know what those are, but there’s the healing leaves for the saints.

[goofy voice] ‘Oh sweet Lord. I don’t know why I was so foolish, mmmm. I had all the truth I could ever want. Those healing leaves, healing leaves. Man, these things don’t smell good. Why, Lord?’ [congregation laughing]”

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Kevin Conner on the Believer’s CONDITIONAL Security: “OBEDIENCE IS the very law of SECURITY for all created beings. There can be NO SUCH THING as UNCONDITIONAL security.”

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David Pawson on Paul and James: Paul was defending Gentiles from Jewish *works-of-the-law* legalism; James was defending Jews from Gentile license to sin. • When Paul says ‘works’ he means *works of the law,* but James means *actions*. • “Faith without actions cannot save you.” • FAITH + ACTIONS = SAVING FAITH!

The CHIEF PILLAR of Eternal Security (OSAS) Toppled – John 10:27-29! — “Only those who are hearing and following Christ right now are his sheep

[ Video ] Dan Corner Interview: The Believer’s Conditional Security
The Believer’s Conditional Security : Eternal Security Refuted, by Dan Corner (801 page end-of-story book, but doesn’t cover who then does go to heaven, biblically)

[ Video ] Francis Chan left his 1600 member church to reassess. “There’s a LACK OF PEACE in so many people … WE PRETEND.” “There is this NARROW ROAD … FEW will find it.” “Let’s go back to what THE TRUTH has always been…and has NEVER BEEN POPULAR.”

Why are WORSHIP SERVICES DEAD? God OPPOSES the PROUD, but He longs to give grace to the humble. ” • “THERE IS MIGHT and there is POWER and there is GLORY, but it is being withheld until these relationships are made right…”

The Welsh Revival of 1904-05 by J. Edwin Orr: A Countrywide Asbury-like REVIVAL! The 4 Points: #1 Confess any known sin, and put any wrong done to man right again. #2 Put away any doubtful habit. #3 Obey the Spirit promptly. #4 Confess your faith publicly.

Effects of the WELSH REVIVAL 1904-05: Whole communities were radically changed FROM DEPRAVITY TO GLORIOUS GOODNESS. The CRIME RATE dropped, often to nothing. THE POLICE had little more to do than supervise the coming and going of the people to the chapel prayer meetings. THE UNDERGROUND MINES echoed with the sounds of PRAYER and HYMNS, instead of nasty jokes and gossip. People who had fallen out BECAME FRIENDS AGAIN!!!!!!!

My 1990 Key-to-Revival Prophecy: “There is might and there is power and there isglory, but it is being withheld until these relationships are made right, until we love our brother enough to…”

Rick Joyner: “REPENTANCE includes RESTITUTION for the wrongs that have caused injury to others”

Can ‘Christians’ use Paul’s “Forgetting the things which are behind…I press on” statement as an excuse to not get right with those they’ve hurt? Paul also said: “I also practice ALWAYS having a conscience void of offense toward God and men.” What if you don’t repent? And what will happen when you do? The Third Great Awakening can start with us!!! We can all be happy — ‘ONE’!

(video) Asbury Revival, 1970: RECONCILIATION the KEY! — “‘Dr. Kinlaw, I am a liar. Now what do I do?’ … Three days later, she came to me radiant, and she said, ‘I just hit my 34th person and I’m free!’”

The Achan Factor — Because of one man’s disobedience the entire nation of Israel had to deal with the “Achan factor” among them before they could come under the umbrella of Almighty God’s blessings once again!

Wes Hall [IHOP] on William Seymour’s 1909 prophecy of the shekinah glory returning to the church in 100 years: “Let me tell you about the church in the book of Acts. …the fear of God was on the community, and no one dared join them. But they were highly esteemed. Why did no one dare join them?”

The Didache (70-100 AD): Reconciliation was required to attend early church meetings! “How upside-down the ‘church’ is today.”

My Dream of ‘ONE’ Happening at Abbott Loop CC!

‘Let Us Be ONE’ Prophecy Continues 10/8/08: “It’s TOO LATE to REVERSE what’s been done for MY MEN have been REJECTED … Now is the Time to OVERCOME and GET RIGHT With ALL … FREEeeeeeeeeeeeee———DOM at last … Your HEART will SWELL with LOVE and it will be EASY to REMAIN In Me when others are On The BOAT With You

My comment on Francis Frangipane’s post: “Francis, do you remember how you prophesied in Wasilla, Alaska about the REVIVAL happening up here to such a great degree that…” | Paul made sure he was right with everyone, but how many pastors can say that today? | “There is might and there is power and there is GLORY, but it is being withheld until these relationships are made right…

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The Azusa Street Revival (1906-15): The biggest move of miracles in the history of America — The fire of God’s glory on the roof! “Even the fingernails grew back!” In 1909, Seymour prophesied the next revival will come in about 100 years! We’re due!!!

Rhydian Roberts: The Prayer — “Let this be our prayer WHEN WE LOSE OUR WAY. Lead us…guide us with your grace to A PLACE WHERE WE’LL BE SAFE (Rhydian Roberts is Welsh, by the way)

Theme for the Third Great Awakening, Rhydian Roberts: Somewhere — “We’ll find a new way of living. We’ll find a way of forgiving – Somehow – Someday – Somewhere!” — ‘ONE’ Will Happen!!!!!!!

[ video – The MOST BEAUTIFUL SONG! ] Benny Hester: “When God Ran