4/5 update:
A beta version of the new archives player is up, which isn’t working very well in both Safari and Firefox on my Mac. Hopefully, they’ll get things worked out.
So far, it looks like there will be some drawbacks and advantages to this new player.


IHOP’s archives player is missing from their website.
I’m hoping this isn’t permanent. My preferred way (by far) to watch and listen to IHOP’s prayer room and the awakening services The Prayer Room at IHOP: How to navigate the Archives player to watch different sessions or to pause, repeat, … isn’t currently available.
I wrote IHOP to see if this will be permanent, and if so, will be a way to still access the player by paid subscription.
Personally, I try to find the most inspirational moments in the prayer room, and listen only to them. The live, streaming options they have now are like stepping back into the dark ages for me. I hope there is a way out, and I don’t mind paying for it.
Wes Hall has been saying that only about half of the webstream expenses are being covered, so they may have cut the archives player as part of the cost saving.