Transcribed by Jeff Fenske from IHOP’s Passion for Jesus webcast, part 4, 4/9/10, Friday afternoon

“There’s so many believers trying to have just enough God to get into the kingdom, but just enough sin so they can stay in their same social circle.

Too much God to enjoy sin; too much sin to enjoy God.

It’s really true. The most miserable people in the earth are people with false doctrines of grace, where they see grace as permission to keep compromising — instead of grace as God’s forgiveness when we repent, and then empowering us to wholeheartedness.

Wholeheartedness: it’s the only way we can function right. We were made by God to be wholehearted. If we don’t have something to do for we have nothing to live for.

We can’t live half-hearted. We’ll die of boredom. And many are dying spiritually of boredom. They won’t go all the way.”

– Mike Bickle