“She had never lied before in her life.”

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Thu., April 15, 2010

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Corrie ten Boom remembered //

Twenty-seven years ago today Corrie ten Boom joined her Father in heaven after living a heroic life here on earth.  In honor of her memory, Corrie’s good friend and companion, Pam Moore, joins Katherine for a conversation about the stories surrounding the ten Booms’ dedication to saving the lives of the persecuted during WWII.  A truly heartening interview.

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“We Are Not Alone” by the Sharon Singers (via Anabaptist Books)

Why Forgive? by Johann Christoph Arnold (free e-book)

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From: pamrosewellmoore

Pam Rosewell Moore was born near London, becoming a committed Christian at age 21. She served as a short-term missionary volunteer for the Church of the Province of East Africa from 1966-1967 and in 1968 joined the mission of Brother Andrew, “God’s Smuggler,” a Dutchman who transported Bibles into communist Eastern Europe. In 1976 Pam became companion to Corrie ten Boom, the Dutch Christian who was incarcerated in a Nazi prison camp and became known through her book The Hiding Place and film of the same name. Pam worked with Miss ten Boom until her death in 1983. In 1986, the same year as her marriage to Carey Moore, she published her first book, The Five Silent Years of Corrie ten Boom. A second book was Safer than a Known Way, the story of her surrender to the will of God. Together, Pam and Carey wrote: What Happens When Husbands and Wives Pray Together? She has also written Finding Your Way through Depression and Life Lessons from the Hiding Place: Discovering the Heart of Corrie ten Boom. From 1988 – 2003 Pam served Dallas Baptist University as director of intercessory prayer and spiritual life. A noted author and speaker, Pam shares her heart of faith over America and the world

CORRIE TEN BOOM: PREPARED For The COMING TRIBULATION — “Daddy, I am afraid that I will never be STRONG ENOUGH TO BE A MARTYR for Jesus Christ.” My father said, “OUR FATHER IN HEAVEN KNOWS when you will need the strength…. HE WILL SUPPLY ALL YOU NEED – JUST IN TIME.“
(video) Corrie Ten Boom interviewed by Kathryn Kuhlman — How she OVERCAME HATRED to FORGIVE her ENEMIES to have JOY in her heart during the worst suffering! — “Hatred is murder in God’s eyes.” “You cannot have compromise with Jesus. You have to surrender all.” “The light of Jesus Christ is stronger than the deepest darkness.”
[full movie] ‘THE ROBE’ (1953) — The GOD of ALL COMFORT! “As the SUFFERINGS of Christ ABOUND to us, OUR COMFORT also ABOUNDS through Christ!!!” (2 Cor. 1)
Richard Wurmbrand (1909 – 2001): TORTURED FOR CHRIST in Atheist Romania — Shows his scars; but THE GLORY!: “We were beaten; we were tortured, but JUST AS SAINT STEPHEN, while they threw stones at him DID NOT SEE his murderers, did not see the stones, but saw heaven open…, so WE DIDN’T SEE anymore the communist torturers. We didn’t see that we are in prison. We were SURROUNDED BY ANGELS. We were with God.”
[6-minute video] Richard Wurmbrand (1909 – 2001): Solitary Confinement & Tortured for Christ for 14 Years — “You wonder why I smile. … I remember it as a glorious time. The bride was in the embraces of the Heavenly Bridegroom. We received His Holy Kiss. We knew His caresses. It has been one of the most beautiful times of my life!”