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Why does Alaska still support Sarah Palin,
the opposite of Ron Paul
on foreign interventionism?


Why did ‘Christians’ in this town
vote for George W. Bush,
the opposite of Jesus
on foreign interventionism,

What are they thinking?
Who are they following?
Is Jesus their Lord?

ADN photo

It’s almost as if this statue is Jesus,
for us to draw near
and let go of authoritarian power,
to forgive and be free
to love!

“Blessed are the peacemakers:
for they shall be called the children of God.”

– Jesus

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Anchorage statue personifies the world’s watchman
‘HABITAT’: Artist sees work as a geometric view of man being sentinel to the world

Love it or loathe it, Antony Gormley’s “Habitat” puts Anchorage on the international arts map in an unprecedented way.

The giant metal sculpture — 24 feet tall, 13 feet wide and 17 feet from toe to tailbone — prominently situated on the grounds of the Anchorage Museum, cannot be idly encountered. The viewer is compelled to react the instant he or she encounters the stylized human sitting on his haunches, apparently waiting or contemplating.

We can expect this Percent for Art piece to draw serious out-of-state attention. Gormley, of England, is one of the world’s most famous living artists and “Habitat” is his first permanent artwork in America.

The squatting pose has led some wags to suggest that the man is answering the call of nature. But its crossed arms and straight-ahead stare seem more legitimately suggestive of a watchman patiently waiting for a signal or a hunter silently scoping for game. …

Whether one chooses to interpret “Habitat” as monitoring global warming, keeping an eye on big government or something else, it supplies a unique and conceptually new symbol with which Anchorage will be identified.

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