Jesus prayed we'd be 'ONE' with each other in Him that the world will know! (John 17)

The SCIENCE of Divine Healing – by John G. Lake: "At one time I submitted myself to a series of EXPERIMENTS. It was not sufficient to know that God healed; I had to know how God healed."


At one time I submitted myself to a series of experiments. It was not sufficient to know that God healed; I had to know how God healed.

I visited one of the great experimental institutions and submitted myself for a series of experiments.

First, an instrument was attached to my head. This instrument had an indicator that would register the vibrations of the brain.

I began to repeat things like the 23rd Psalm to soothe the mind and reduce its vibrations to the lowest point. Then I repeated the 31st Psalm, the 35th chapter of Isaiah, the 91st Psalm, and Paul’s address before Agrippa.

After this, I went into secular literature and recited Tennyson’s “Charge of the Light Brigade” and finally Poe’s “The Raven” as I prayed in my heart that at the psychological moment, God would anoint my soul in the Holy Spirit.

My difficulty was that while reciting, I could not keep the Spirit from coming upon me. When I finished with “The Raven,” those in charge of the experiment said, “You are a phenomenon. You have a wider mental range than any human being we have ever seen.”

In reality, this was not so. It was because the Spirit of God kept coming upon me to such degree that I could feel the moving of the Spirit within me.

I prayed in my heart, “Lord God, if You will only lot the Spirit of God come like the lightnings of God upon my soul for two seconds, I know something is going to happen that these men have never seen before.

As I recited the last lines of the poem, suddenly The Spirit of God struck me in a burst of praise and tongues. The indicator on that instrument bounded to the limit and I haven’t the least idea how much further it would have gone if it had been possible.

The professors said, “We have never seen anything like it!” I replied, “Gentlemen, it is the Holy Ghost.”

In the second experiment, a powerful X-ray machine with microscopic attachments was connected to my head. The purpose was to see, if possible, what the action of the brain cells was.

I proceeded just as in the former experiment. First, I repeated Scriptures that were soothing those calculated to reduce the action of the cortex coils to their lowest possible register. Then I went to Scriptures which conveyed better and richer things until I reached the first chapter of John. As I began to recite this, the fires of God began to burn in my heart.

Suddenly, the Spirit of God came upon me as before, and the man who was behind me touched me. It was a signal to me to keep that poise of soul until one after another could look through the instrument.

Finally, when I let go, the Spirit subsided. The professors said, “Why, man, we cannot understand this, but the cortex cells expanded amazingly.”

I said to them, “Gentlemen, I want you to see one more thing. Go down in your hospital and bring back a man who has inflammation in the bone. Take your instrument and attach it to’ his leg. Leave enough space to get my hand on his leg. You can attach it to both sides.

When the instrument was ready, I put my hand on the man’s shin and prayed like Mother Etter’ prays: no strange prayer, but the cry of my heart to God.

I said, “God, kill the devilish disease by Your power. Let the Spirit move in him; let it live in him.”

Then I asked, “Gentlemen, what is taking place? They replied, “Every cell is responding.”

It is so simple: The life of God comes back into n part that is afflicted; immediately the blood flows; the closed, congested cells respond; and the work is done!

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Gets good at about the 9 minute mark

The SCIENCE of Divine Healing – by John G. Lake

fotm1 | December 21, 2009

Story time with Doug! A reading from …

John G. Lake, “The Complete Collection of His Life’s Teachings” compiled by Roberts Liardon.

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  1. PaulB

    Jeff very good stuff, keep it coming, faith building, Spirit enabling, Soul sanctifying thoughts. Hope your week has been good, you can email if you want. Paul

    • Jeff Fenske

      I’m actually very interested in being able to scientifically verify what can be done through praying in tongues. I think it would be wonderful to do more experiments. If anyone knows of anything else regarding this, online, I’m interested.
      I believe tongues is very straightforward and matter of fact, scientifically repeatable and verifiable.
      For example, if two people are praying for the same thing, as in A Gift that Will Set Many Free! (A Death Warrant is Out for Your Souls) and I’ve finally shared much of what I know about and what can be done through the TREMENDOUS and mostly misunderstood and underused gift of tongues, then I’ve found that when they’re done praying, they’ll usually stop within seconds of each other, regardless of how long it took to pray for what they were praying for specifically.
      This could easily be tested. Those who are praying could even be on different continents — as long as they’re focusing on the same thing.
      Or a person could have a kink in their neck, or worse. There are meters which can test the amount of electrical energy being shorted by the nerves in that area. A person could get the electrical reading; we could pray; and then get another reading. This could scientifically prove that the shorting of the energy has stopped, just as the person will know that their pain has stopped.
      And different types of prayer could be tried. We could pray for whoever was cursing that person, or we could pray for the painful area. Both methods should work. However, I’ve found it better to pray for the James-3 cursers, because they’re the source of the problem, and as long as they keep hating on the person the demons will do their thing.
      But praying for the cursers may only work temporarily also, because if they’re really intent upon cursing someone, they’ll keep doing it even if we pray for them and get a temporary respite. I have many thousands of experiences like this.
      Also, if we know who is doing the cursing (by word of knowledge, or just by hit and miss), we can pray for that person, taking readings of the victim before and after. And then we can scientifically verify that this is the person doing the cursing — if we had one of those meters.
      It’s possible that a Voll meter might work, which has a very precise 0 – 100 needle gauge. I almost bought one, but because of the lack of freedom of medicine in the USA, the only one I could find was from Spain, and they wanted funds transferred to their bank in order to purchase. Sounded pretty iffy.
      I’ve seen these things in action though. They’re quite amazing and precise.
      In a seminar I attended a few years back, Nick Begich talked about a meter that was to come out soon. I haven’t heard anything more about it.
      Some chiropractors use a device in which they can tell where the nerves are shorting out, in order to know where to adjust the back. It’s more subjective though because it goes by feel. It would be great to get a meter that would read this electrical energy precisely. Apparently, chiropractic schools have them (in which the toftness method is used), but theyre really spendy.
      I’ve been hoping that someone would do these tests for many years. I even bought a hospital grade hand-strength tester, thinking that could be used. But straight muscle strength just didn’t seem to do it.
      I think we would have to read the electrical energy. “The body is electric.”
      If the AMA wouldn’t be so down on alternative medicine, I probably would have pursued this as a career, long ago. And I would have already done these tests.
      At the core of Big Pharma is something very evil, maybe even far beyond the love of money, which obviously drives them. They’re definitely not mainly about getting people vibrantly healthy. It’s very sad.

      Dr. Scott Johnson: Pharmakeia — Sorcery, Pharmaceuticals & the Roots of Modern Day Drug Industry. “You cannot drug your body into good health.” “Drugs are not going to take the demons away.” “They’ve swept the symptoms under the rug for so long that now they’re a surgical candidate.”

      Skousen: Anti-Depressants Suppress the Conscience Part of the Brain

      MEDICALLY CAUSED DEATH IN AMERICA: “Medical coverage for all” is a banner that conceals ugly facts — 225,000 medically-caused deaths in the US every year

      If we had freedom of medicine guaranteed in the Constitution, it’s possible America would be still doing well right now. Not only do probably millions (realistic numbers) die each year from what Big Pharma does. Many millions die from just not doing what they should for their health, because Big Pharma says it’s expensive urin; though, it costs hardly anything in comparison to what these crooks charge for their pharmakeia, which often just partially masks the effects that demons cause in the sick or depressed people.
      I’m all for doctors and medicine that helps people recover from real injuries, but the majority of what Big Pharma does is the opposite of what Jesus would do — or would have them do — especially because a huge percentage of illness is directly demon caused.
      That’s my take.

  2. Jeff everytime i decide to speak in tongues after a few days i get some sort of sickness ,it never fails .help please .

    • Irene,
      Thanks for trying! I haven’t heard that before, but we know for sure that the Devil doesn’t like it when we pray in tongues, and maybe someone who is led by demons is cursing you, not wanting you to pray in tongues.
      I would just keep on praying no matter what, believing that you’re dealing with evil spirits when you pray in tongues. Maybe a demon inside of you hates it, and is rebelling, because he doesn’t want to leave — seriously.
      Also, is it possible you have some fears about praying in tongues, wondering if it’s the right thing to do Biblically?
      I just prayed in tongues specifically for those cursing you. Maybe that will help.
      Ask God for wisdom, and if you hear anything or see anything (visions or dreams), write them down right away so you don’t forget them.
      I’d be glad to try to help you further, if you’re still having trouble. Speaking in tongues regularly is soooooooo important!
      God bless you! Keep pressing in!!!
      Jeff : )

    • Irene,
      Also, I would pray in tongues directly at the spirit that’s making you sick until your prayer language stops. This is different than just praying in tongues in general, which would succeed too, eventually. We can focus what we pray for or against by believing in our heart that’s what we’re praying for — and if we get prayer language then we know there is something to pray.
      I discuss this here:
      And if someone bugs you, pray for them in tongues, which I believe usually deals with evil spirits directly. The beauty is that we don’t have to see the muck and how creepy these creatures are, but can still deal with them through this tremendous gift!
      : )

  3. Thankyou Jeff for praying for me ok im going to be brave im going to pray in tongues everyday .im so glad i found your site .very helpful i have been getting visions most nights ,they started when i would go to yoga class while doing meditation .scary at first but im use to it now its usualy showing me something thats going to happen to me or my children ,i just thought its my third eye opened .i have also layed my hands on a few people and they say they have been healed but how can i heal my self .can you advise me please .

  4. I hesitated to respond, Irene, because of your mention of the third eye opening, which is generally considered new age/demonic. But maybe it’s just your way of saying that you got freed up by speaking in tongues. Hopefully, that’s it.
    The religion behind Yoga is dangerous. I wouldn’t recommend dallying in the religious side of Yoga.
    Regarding your own healing: many sicknesses are caused by demons, which are easy to deal with, especially through tongues. But to get a restorative/creative miracle, that requires action by God that works largely through faith and by being pure. These certainly can happen now, but I suspect we won’t see many until ‘ONE’ happens, when many, if not all the people attending the meetings get healed, because we’re so full of God — being right with each other in Christ — so His glory will be very evident.
    That we would all be ONE in Christ is the passion behind this site.

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