It’s not often that an interview surprises me in a great way! So I thought I’d share it with all of you.

I’ve been enjoying listening to The Word of Promise audio Bible (Jim Caviezel plays Jesus), so I was curious to find out more about Richard Dreyfuss, who plays Moses. I had no idea how cool he is!

As I watched, my jaw dropped open. I’ve hardly known anything about this man.

A few words about The Word of Promise audio Bible:

I recommend it for a number of reasons. Some of the actors are amazing, and they’re allowed to relax. It’s much easier to get into.

Apparently, most of the narrators in past audio Bibles were forced to speak rapidly so their words could be contained on fewer cassettes or CDs. I think in one case, they even electronically sped up the narrator’s voice. How can one meditate on the words when being force-fed. Listening to the word of God should not be just a mental exercise?

And from what I’ve heard so far, the music seems to add, not distract. It’s not canned music, but a real orchestra and musical score.

My biggest surprise was listening to Revelation, which usually isn’t this gripping, this enjoyable. It’s phenomenal!

It can be purchased as the entire Bible or just the New Testament. And it’s available in MP3 or standard CDs. The Amazon link above is for the entire Bible, which also has some video and audio excerpts.

Very nice!

God bless!

Jeff : )

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Watch, Listen or Read Tavis’ Interview

Richard Dreyfuss

airdate May 7, 2010

Dreyfuss: … I lived a blessed life. I was able to do for 50 years something I adored doing and I was rewarded and praised for it. Then when it ceased to being as intense a love affair and, as the Bible says, for everything there’s a season, when I got older and I stopped being given the highest salaries and the best parts, I also was not allowed to have my opinions heard and that made me quit.

I said to myself what I had promised myself when I was 12. When I was 12, I said, “You’re gonna be an actor and a star. You’re gonna go into politics and then you’re gonna teach history.” So when I was 56, I quit being an actor, meaning I quit developing. I quit trying to raise projects up and all that.

I went to Oxford for four years and I knew Cassandra’s Curse. You know, she had the ability to see the future and no one would believe her. Well, I wrote a piece for the San Diego Tribune and I said, “I have not been able to find the words that you would make you feel the dread I feel about the future of this country.”

I would ask you, when you think about the future of America, do you have a sense of ease and comfort and relaxation or do you sense some unease and something wrong even if you can’t name it?

Tavis: I feel the same thing you feel. …

Dreyfuss: There are two things that’ll make me lose my sense of humor. When someone says, “You have no right to that flag” or when they say… “If you’re against the policy, you’re against the troops.” Those things get me really angry because I’m an American and I love America more than I can possibly tell you. …

Dreyfuss: …patriotism means that people can understand that this country uniquely has an inherent meaning and most countries are just accidents of history.

This country was intended for something and, if we had tried it in Europe, they would have killed us to the last man. It was only the Atlantic Ocean that protected us. But we have a meaning and what is it? It’s that we put the Bill of Rights up on a wall so that everyone could see every time we failed and every time we succeeded and we had the guts and the naivety and arrogance and cockiness to say this is our picture of our moral future.

That is an act unequaled in history, so that we said that’s our goal. We announce it now and every time we failed it, it’s headlines and every time we succeed at it, it’s commonplace. And it’s what makes America completely unique in the story of nations. …

You can’t deny that we are a picture of a country that is like after the Big Bang. Everything is going this way and, when you don’t hold people accountable and when you allow illegal wars and when you can’t define the party principles because the win is more important than the principles, then you know you’re in trouble. …

Tavis: …why are you hopeful?

Dreyfuss: Because I believe, first of all, that individuals make history. I don’t believe that it happens by itself. I believe that America is hard and it takes maintenance and you can’t forget that you’ve got to take your car into the shop every six months and lube it up.

You cannot take for granted the complexity and complement of Republican democracy. Republican democracy actually says that the citizenry is as important as any other sector in the government. So why do we not teach those kids how to run the country? We teach our kids what we want them to know and we don’t teach them what we don’t want them to know, so someone is saying that.

By the way, if all of the news information industry is owned, let’s say, 35 to 55 percent by one guy, that’s a subject for discussion and if his name happens to be Rupert Murdoch, he’s got five passports and one of them is Chinese. So when he was [unintelligible] to the president’s ear, who’s he talking for, and you have a right to ask that. You have an obligation. …

Tavis: Tell me about Lightkeepers. …

Dreyfuss: This is a movie about a guy who has made an oath to keep the light on and that means no matter what, the light never goes off because, if the light goes off, people will die and that’s the oath that all lightkeepers took. That is as clear a metaphor about this country as you can get because the darkness which is the overwhelming history of mankind has come back.

We live in a senseless, Alice in Wonderland world where nothing is logical, where no one is punished, where people who are rewarded are only rewarded because they were born to it and now the Supreme Court has actually, in a way, by saying the corporations are unfettered, giving political contributions, you know what that really is? That’s closing the circle.

We came here to get away from that and now our own Supreme Court has brought it back. A caste and class system that says money is the only counter and, if you don’t have it, you’re out. That is actually bringing history back to where it began at the birth of this country.