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David Anders: "Luther profoundly misread Paul"

“I concluded –
on the basis of hard, cold, unemotional exegesis –
that Luther profoundly misread Paul.”

– David Anders

My friend, Dave and I came to this same conclusion, but so far, he has gone one way and I another — explained in My friend, David Anders on Catholic TV, which also gives the source of this quote.

Jeff Fenske

Who-Goes-To-Heaven Scriptures — Narrow is the Way


The Kinsey Syndrome: With THE FEAR OF THE LORD REMOVED from America, Rockefeller-funded pedophile Ph.Ds. brought in sexual education and pornography. Now "sexual addiction is THE MOUNT WHITNEY OF SIN IN THE CHURCH TODAY!" Satanism has become mainstream: "Do what thou wilt."


8-year-old Mini Lady Gaga. We are claiming to be wise: let our children be innocent, but when we're adults…


  1. The link you provided does not come from my blog.

    • Jeff Fenske

      You are right. It’s a link to my article which gives the source of this quote, which isn’t from your blog.

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