This podcast will probably only be available till today’s takes its place, probably late afternoon. Amazing show! Where is your line in the sand?
It really gets rocking about 18 minutes into hour 2 of the podcast — “I’m asking you to man up… what kind of man doesn’t stand up for the innocent murdering of kids… and have tax payers fund it” — and just keeps on rolling. Amazing!!!
This is a call to repentance.
Dan is totally putting his job on the line. He recently broadcast this WOW! Abortion survivor Gianna Jessen speaks before Aussie Parliament: “My whole intent in living here is just to make God smile”, which he said is the most important thing he’s ever done.
“One day we’re going to stand before God and answer for our sins…,” says Fagan. I’m just shocked! I was so disappointed in Dan being so pro war, but he just bats this one right out of the park, and he’s probably going to continue to do so until the election.
This may be only the beginning in what could be a tremendous about-face for Anchorage citizens!
Very moving broadcast!
Jeff : )