Mark Galli is not just a contributing writer. On his own website he says he’s the “senior managing editor of Christianity Today!”

This concerned Christian is totally right:

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Please pass this on. You will be appalled at the defamation of God you are about to hear from the editor of this so-called Christian magazine. Mark Galli sounds just like today’s rank atheists. July 2010 CT website ‘Divine Drama Queen’. Look it up! One respondent actually wrote that “no way any God of mine could be like to Old Testament one. I see not a shred of morality in that guy”! The same person goes on to write ” Sometimes the greatest danger for Christians is actually reading the Old Testament”.

The actual article from Christianity Today:

Divine Drama Queen

But I’d secretly rather have a God who is a non-anxious presence.

Mark Galli | posted 7/15/2010 09:28AM
I like a tranquil, even-keeled, self-controlled God. A God who doesn’t fly off the handle at the least provocation. A God who lives one step above the fray. A God who has that British stiff upper lip even when disaster is looming.
When I read my Bible, though, I keep running into a different God, and I’m not pleased. This God says he “hates” sin. Well, he usually yells it. Read the prophets. It’s just one harangue after another, all in loud decibels. And when the shouting is over, then comes the pouting. …
This God is like the volatile Italian woman who, upon discovering her husband’s unfaithfulness, yells and throws dishes, refuses to sleep in the same bed, and doesn’t speak to him for 40 days and 40 nights.
We may think this a crude depiction, except that Jesus—God with us—seems to suffer the same emotional imbalance. He rants about Pharisees and Scribes—or “snakes” and “hypocrites,” as he calls them. So upset is he over sacrilege in the Temple, he overturns tables and drives people out with a whip. And then we find him lamenting, “O Jerusalem, Jerusalem, the city that kills the prophets and stones those who are sent to it! How often would I have gathered your children together as a hen gathers her brood under her wings, and you would not! See, your house is left to you desolate!”(Matt. 23:37-38).
This God knows nothing about being a non-anxious presence. This is a very anxious God, indeed.
I’d rather have a God who takes sin in stride. Why can’t he relax and recognize that to err is human. I mean, you don’t find us flawed humans freaking out about one another’s sins. You don’t see us wrathful, indignant, and pouting. Why can’t God almighty just chill out and realize we’re just human?

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Compare the above to our real God, speaking. From my Let Us Be ONE prophecy, part 3 of 33:

Jesus’ Heart-Cry: “Let Us Be ONE”

Let us be one. My cry is out to you to come near. I want My people, please? May we be one. I need you to pray, to fall on your face and not give up. Press in, overcome temptation. Be not afraid to obey. I will give you life, all those who follow. You will not faint. You will grow strong when you give up the ghosts that hold you back, the sins of iniquity.

Feel My hurt. It is great. My people have vanished from My life. I am sad, and you are lonely. There are few that remain close to Me where I can nourish their souls.

In Me there is life. There is no other way. I in you; you in Me, where we belong—together. Let us be one, together in love, where we can pray, enveloping each other in goodness. We can do that. It’s not all one way. I am life. There is no other to follow. We can be friends. I will lead, but I will receive as you repent and draw close to Me. For I love My people. I love to pray. I intercede for the saints to bring them pleasure. We can be one. We can be close, you and I.

There is a place of holiness, where you will always be at My feet, a place of blessing. Let it come. Let it envelop you. Let it take over your pride.

Come, My people. Let us rest. Follow no other. I am your place of security, where power dwells, power to overcome sin, pride and temptation. I have life to give.

You are My friend. Get up and be counted among the sheep. For there is error. Life has ceased for a reason. The church is dirty, a place of filth. It is not My home. How can I dwell among an unclean people who hurt each other, who tell each other stories, who hurt from the heart those that care?