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Rod Parsley: How the 'Federal' Reserve international bankster system is jacking the sheeple — "I'm simply telling you how these people are able to manipulate the system. … No!"

“I’m simply telling you how these people are able to manipulate the system.”

– Rod Parsley

[youtube=]National Debt. To whom do we owe it? (1/5) Ron Paul 2008

Spanishfries | December 26, 2007 | 563 likes, 26 dislikes

Very powerful. From 2003. Rod Parsley. …

One of the comments:

“I am not Christian, However this man seems to be inspired by God to right this wrong on us as a people.”





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  1. genius

    This is a no brainer. There is no Federal Reserve. They are all liars and most people are too indifferent to want the truth. This whiner club that says they do not like this are confirmed herd followers. It’s called fiscal slavery. Me thinks Jeff Fenske is on the fence.

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