Jesus prayed we'd be 'ONE' with each other in Him that the world will know! (John 17)

[music video] Theme for the Third Great Awakening, Rhydian Roberts: Somewhere — "We'll find a new way of living. We'll find a way of forgiving – Somehow – Someday – Somewhere!" — 'ONE' Will Happen!!!!!!!

There’s a place for us,
Somewhere a place for us.
Peace and quiet and open air
Wait for us

There’s a time for us,
Someday a time for us,
Time together with time to spare,
Time to learn, time to care,

We’ll find a new way of living,
We’ll find a way of forgiving

There’s a place for us,
A time and a place for us.
Hold my hand and we’re half way there.
Hold my hand and I’ll take you there

We’ll find a new way of living
We’ll find a way of forgiving

There’s a place for us,
Somewhere a place for us.
Peace and quiet and open air

Hold my hand and I’ll take you there


[youtube=]Rhydian Roberts – Somewhere (with Lyrics)

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Rhydian Roberts – Somewhere

One of Rhydian’s best known songs, “Somewhere” is from the 1961 musical “West Side Story”

As usual, enjoy

From X Factor (Britain’s American Idol)[youtube=]Rhydian Somewhere


[WordPOWER!] Acts 9:31: Where 'ONE' Happened Throughout the Land! The Key Ingredient Missing Today = The Fear of the Lord!


How does 2 Thess. 2:10,11 work? Does God actively deceive people who willfully reject truth?


  1. I likethat song alot. To me its the cry of the true Prophets who have been let down by an organised system, unaccepted and forced to dwell in the caves of adulum.
    There they have been taught the deep secrets of God for the last move.
    The theme being the wedding call.
    Who calls the people to the wedding?? The bride…. The bride dosent get invited to her own wedding, she calls others to witness it.
    The prophetic ones have been in the caves of adulum maturing, in the fire of refinement. listening intently to the holy spirit.
    Do not awaken my beloved untill the time…Why? because she is immature. A baby still drinking milk. Getting revelation from man and not God. Those in the caves are eating meat….they have matured.
    Gods not going to awaken anyone untill they stop listening to man and pleasing man, and start listening to his spirit.
    Its going to be imperitive that we learn to listen to his spirit in the days to come to survive.
    this awakining is a time for unrest and panic for many.
    This is the season for listening in the quiet place. its not the season to be entertained. Its the season for moses to die and Caleb and Joshua to come forth amoungst the land of the giants.

    • Jeff Fenske

      I agree for the most part, but I think the time to awaken the people has always been, except during the times they were already awake.
      I think we’re in a serious danger zone right now. The worldly system is crumbling all around us (because the ‘church’ hasn’t been salt and light) and the people still aren’t in God. Many even think they’ll get raptured before things get really bad. But even if there was a pre-trib rapture only those who were truly in Christ would go.
      God has been calling ‘Christians’ to repent throughout these times and if they don’t soon it will be too late to even be able to be sufficiently in Christ during what is to come.
      This is what God told me to share with others, part 23 of my Let Us Be ONE prophecy:

      Failed Churches—Hate that Destroys the Yoke of Unity

      There is much to learn. Many have gone awry. Many despair, thinking they know the answers, but they don’t work. You’ve seen it, churches that failed, and then there are others that mock but look pretty as you stand inside. But you can feel the muck.

      Look around; see the light that wants to illuminate all who remain steadfast, not moving where they say, but doing what is right—a love of a different kind. Not regulations that kill and destroy the life I have for everybody, but a new way.

      Hope for iniquity to be found out, so we can become clean as a body. Pray for it: the anger to cease, the hate that destroys the yoke of unity. It is a yukky, terrible thing, full of lies that destroy: that we can be one and still have love when hate lingers, festering.

      Listen. See My face. It is above, full of anger at My church when they hate. I hate wrath that is unholy, that is directed at those inside who obey.

      Jealousy, there is so much. Why not pray? Why not be like Me. Do you realize that what is to come is so full of wrath, and you want to be on the winning side at all costs.

      Give your life to Me, now, while there is still time to prepare. If you wait, others cannot take you into where you belong. A crash course can’t happen at the last minute, enough to get you in, because you are festering with demons.

      Your heart won’t change if you let rebellion keep you from Me now. Now is the day of salvation. Why wait?

      I think just about everyone, including ‘Christians’ are full of demons. Demons actively, sometimes even powerfully reinforce their thinking and their habits. Most people are in the Matrix, and during this time while we still have peace (before the chaos really hits) is our only chance to get ONE happening, or the Third Great Awakening.
      There is so much hate. I hear that from God almost every day. God doesn’t want people to live like that even for a moment. People can’t hate and be Christians. Hate is in the who-doesn’t-inherit-the-kingdom lists. Paul said on the other hand that “those who are Christ’s have crucified their flesh.”
      I think the time for the Third Great Awakening was the second the Second Great Awakening ended. We’re supposed to always be awake and in Christ, literally: right with God and all people.
      Those ‘Christians’ who think there is still time in the future to get spiritually ready may run out of time if they don’t repent now, and return to their First Love, Who will run to them with open arms if they are really willing to come clean.
      That’s what I think.

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