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The Achan Factor!
by George Dillahunty
Joshua 7:1-7:1

While no one was looking, Achan wrapped his discovery in a Babylonian garment, put it on like a backpack and took it to his tent! That evening, Achan dug a hole in the floor and buried his “looted” treasure there! Achan knew he had sinned – how do we know? Because he hid what he had taken! If he was unaware of his disobedience, he would have taken his “war booty” and flaunted it before his friends, bragging about how good he had done in the campaign and what he would be taking home to his family because of his combat prowess! You see, church, it was the custom of ancient warfare that the spoils of battle were given to the soldiers – this being, on occasion, their only source of payment for their services – not this time, however, for Jericho was the “devoted thing”!

The next city to be taken under Almighty God’s “Battle Plan” was a little place called Ai – compared to the city of Jericho, Ai was a small country town with no standing Army of its own! Ai was basically nothing more than a wide spot on a camel trail! Joshua, the Commanding Officer of the Israelite Army, thinking that this would be an easy victory and not worthy of his personal attendance, sent the Army out to war without him! However, Almighty God was about to teach the children of Israel a valuable lesson!

As the Israelite Army approached the town of Ai, their faith quickly evaporated! The men of Ai threw open the town gates and charged at the Israelites wielding farm implements and sticks! Soon, the Israelites realized that something was wrong – why? Because they were losing men – people were dying – they were losing the battle – and none of that was a part of God’s Battle Plan! After fleeing for their lives and returning to Joshua, they told him that “something was wrong!!”

They had lost thirty-six (36) men trying to take the little town of Ai; but, had lost no one when they took the city of Jericho! So, what was wrong with that picture? Joshua fell on his face before Almighty God and asked Him what was wrong? Almighty God revealed the fact that there was a thief among them and when Joshua dealt with the thief, Almighty God said that His blessing would return! Perhaps that seems harsh to you; however, Almighty God could not tolerate a violation of His law!

Joshua lined up all twelve tribes of Israel and began an inquiry into the matter! The population totals were enormous, coming to a figure approaching three million people, so the interview process lasted a day and part of another day! All of this time, Almighty God was allowing Achan to confess – but, Achan remained mute!

Eventually, Almighty God showed Joshua, through a word of knowledge, who it was! Achan must have been sweating profusely….

Almighty God gave Achan plenty of time to confess and he still had not done it! Because of one man’s disobedience, the entire nation of Israel had to deal with the “Achan Factor” among them before they could come under the umbrella of Almighty God’s blessings once again!

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