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Pastor Lindsey Williams: Soon, US will be forced to allow drilling in the massive Alaska oil fields — as middle east oil is cut off from our shores

I recommend watching the video. This article just scratches the surface as to what Lindsey has been told about how the crisis in the middle east will escalate to where we won’t even be able to purchase their oil — which should force the US to open ANWR. And we’ll finally start drilling in the massive, and secret Gull Island oil deposit — maybe as early as next year.
2012 does look more and more disastrous. We should get ready, especially spiritually.
ONE can happen — the only safe place!
– Jeff
Oil Prices Skyrocket After Williams’ Latest Revelations
Kurt Nimmo
February 32, 2011
On the day after pastor Lindsey Williams went on the Alex Jones Show and talked about the globalist plan to destroy the dollar and jack up oil prices through the stratosphere in an effort to wreck the economy, the price of oil went up to just short of $100 per barrel. Sources inside the oil industry told Williams the price will ultimately reach between $150 and $200 per barrel. Williams also told Alex Jones the oil producers Saudi Arabia and Iran will be targeted.
Watch part 2, part 3, part 4, part 5.
Analaysts are predicting that the situation unfolding in Libya may spread to Saudi Arabia and other oil producers in the region and this will result in radical price fluctuations as sharp as those in the 1970s when an OPEC embargo produced serious gasoline shortages in the United States.
Entire Article Here
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[audio] Seasoned globalism-watcher Gary Kah: "A trap has been laid for us" — MAJOR TESTING in 2012-2013! • People don't want to hear the word 'repent' anymore — the only way we can slow this thing down. • ONE WORLD religion — "We can't just assume that everyone who calls themself a 'Christian' is" — the source of America's collapse.


Joel Skousen Sit-down Interview: How the World Really Works — A primer on how even well meaning people are coopted by globalists to do their bidding


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