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Andrew Strom: The Bad News & THE GOOD NEWS!


FIRST the BAD NEWS! – Andrew Strom


(2) “IS THIS AS BAD as THE GREAT DEPRESSION?” -[More charts]-

As we have seen, 2011 is already off to a very “Shaking” start.
Tunisia and Egypt boiling over, oil prices spiking – and here in
Queensland, Australia, their biggest-ever hurricane is about to hit
land – far to the North of where my family and I are at present. (First
the floods and now this. Please keep Queensland in your prayers).

I certainly believe 2011 is going to be a “shaking” year – especially
in the areas of finance and the economy. We are in for a rough
ride yet. But I believe SPIRITUALLY – for God’s remnant – it is
very different. I believe God’s “hidden ones” are very close to a
real “breakthrough” time. In the natural things will be bad and
many people will shrink back in fear and panic. But for God’s true
remnant this will be the very situation that they have been designed
to “thrive” in – and they will be looking to “move out” into their
calling more and more. It will be increasingly a time of “action”.

I want to write more about that in a later article. But since this one
is called “First the Bad News”, let me get right to the point. In the
natural, one thing is very clear. The economy and this downturn
have been much worse than the politicians have been letting on.
In fact, they have been spending hundreds of billions propping the
rotten system up – lest it implodes. Most of us know this. But few
realize how bad and how fragile things really are.

Below are 2 websites that show conclusive proof (using charts) of
the real situation. Both of these sites are stunning in their detail
and eye-opening in the highest degree. Since we are discussing
“First the Bad News” I want you to see what we are facing at
this moment in history – so you can better be prepared.

If you have any trouble opening the links below, please see our
website (linked at the end). The links will work on there. And we
would appreciate your comments also, my friends. Take a look at these-


(2) “IS THIS AS BAD as THE GREAT DEPRESSION?” [More charts]-

Happy reading and God bless you all!

Andrew Strom.


Yes, we "HAVE TO" (abide in Christ), but we "GET TO" (abide in the God of the Universe!) — Iona: "Inside My Heart"


Drastic Weather Change and Earthquakes (The Vision by David Wilkerson-published in 1974) Earthquakes coming to United States — "Another earthquake, possibly in Japan may precede the one that I see coming here"

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    Me thinks this article is crying out “the sky is falling”. Stay in the USA and sit where we sit. See what Ezekiel did.

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