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Lutheran Infant Baptism is Unscriptural and a False Gospel

[youtube=]Lutheran Infant Baptism (Original Sin) Is Unscriptural And A False Gospel

Uploaded by on Jul 1, 2010 Lutherans have a false gospel which is shown through their infant baptism. Do not be deceived by this practice.


Can this one false doctrine be stopping revival? Absolutely!


[Biblically disqualified to lead] Chuck Missler laughs about his intentional lie — Has eternal security seared his conscience? Dan Corner thinks so.


  1. gary

    Something for Baptists and evangelicals to think about: the Baptist doctrine of the “Age of Accountability” is nowhere to be found in the New Testament.
    Isn’t it strange that God provided a means for the babies and toddlers of his chosen people in the Old Testament to be part of his Covenant promises but is completely silent about the issue in the New Testament?
    Jesus seemed to really love the little children… but he never mentions even once, if the Baptist/evangelical view of salvation is correct, how a Christian parent can be assured that if something dreadful happens to their baby or toddler, that they will see that child again in heaven.
    In the Baptist/evangelical doctrine of adult-only salvation, God leaves our babies and toddlers in spiritual limbo! A Christian parent must pray to God and beg him that little Johnnie “accepts Christ” the very minute he reaches the Age of Accountability, because if something terrible were to happen to him, he would be lost and doomed to eternal hellfire.
    Do you really believe that our loving Lord and Savior would do that to Christian parents??
    Dear Christian parents: bring your little children to Jesus! He wants to save them just as much as he wants to save adults! Bring your babies and toddlers to the waters of Holy Baptism and let Jesus SAVE them!
    The unscriptural “Age of Accountability” is the desperate attempt to plug the “big hole” in the Baptist doctrine of adult-only Salvation/Justification:
    How does Jesus save our babies and toddlers?
    Luther, Baptists, and Evangelicals

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