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Animation Showing How the Canon 10D and 24-85mm Lens are Assembled

This animation was created by students of the Engineering 128: Advanced Engineering Design Graphics course at UC Berkeley during the Spring 2008 semester. The first part shows a Canon 10D DSLR exploding into its individual parts, and then those parts coming together again to slowly rebuild the camera, while the second part does the same for a Canon 24-85mm lens. Pretty…impressive considering that it’s for an undergraduate course.

[youtube=]UC Berkeley E128 Final Project – Canon 10D DSLR v2

Uploaded by on Jun 9, 2008

Canon 10D & 24-85mm F/3.5-4.5 Lens Animation
Version 2

Presented by:
Matthew Farrell
Michelle Pang
Michael Tom

University of California, Berkeley
Engineering 128
Advanced Engineering Design Graphics
Spring 2008

Software Used:
Pro/ENGINEER Wildfire 3.0
SolidWorks 2005
Autodesk Viz 2008

Songs Used:
零 (零的自我分裂之歌) – Mars Soundtrack
Thy Word – Michael W. Smith
The Offering – Michael W. Smith
Original Version 1: