The answer is: “pray about it” —
what I believe the Holy Spirit just told me to write.

It would be different for all of us,
which is what life in the Son is all about.

Can you trust Him,
whatever His answer is?

“Are you willing to give it all away?”
He may not ask you to — really.
But are you willing to if He did?
Would you be willing to find out?

To be free from the love of money/
the root (demonic stronghold) of all evil is paramount!

Jeff : )

Gets really interesting at minute 8[youtube=] Francis Chan interviewed by Mark Driscoll and Joshua Harris

Uploaded by on Sep 7, 2010

Driscoll hammers away at Chan’s behavioral patterns in his new endeavor of church expansion. Driscoll and Harris both find large holes in Chan’s theory of why and what he is building after leaving his church in Simi Valley, CA.