Once-saved-always-saved (and “it’s hard to lose one’s salvation”) is destroying this nation — as well as keeping the desperately needed Third Great Awakening from happening.

OSAS is even affecting a church in Anchorage that I know well, which used to teach the truth. They used to even hold up Ephesians 4:11-16 as their goal.

Bad doctrine is producing bad churches:

Kevin Conner: Doctrine Determines the Health of the Church

Kevin Conner on the Believer’s CONDITIONAL Security: “OBEDIENCE IS the very law of SECURITY for all created beings. There can be NO SUCH THING as UNCONDITIONAL security.”

We’re being NIVd:

NIV alterations that greatly affect Christian doctrine — including my pet peeves. The NIV is destroying the church! Here’s proof.

Jeff Fenske

[youtube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q-_Anp-LLGE]Calvinist MARK DRISCOLL (of Mars Hill) EXPOSED

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http://www.evangelicaloutreach.org/calvinismrefuted.htm Though popular, the real Mark Driscoll is a spiritual snare to people. He is a shock jock who says unusual things which have caused people to examine him out of curiosity.

Please see http://www.evangelicaloutreach.org/MarkDriscoll.htm for the Transcript, Observations and Comments For The Mark Driscoll vs. Dan Corner Eternal Security Debate.

See also the Skull and Crossbones award that Driscoll so richly deserves http://www.evangelicaloutreach.org/mark_driscoll.htm


[Video] Dan Corner Interview: The Believer’s Conditional Security

Dan Corner’s 801-page book: “The Believer’s Conditional Security”

[Video] Joe Schimmel: The Great Deception—Once Saved, Always Saved

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