This is beautiful —
from an atheist professor turned pastor
after a NDE.

We need to understand that God is for us.
He fully wanted us to overcome.

It’s not His fault….
His heart is grieved.

He has tried to get through to us,
and we have disappointed Him
because we have refused to listen.”

* * *

Transcribed by Jeff Fenske:

“God has tried to get through to us…. We have been a big disappointment to God because we have just consistently refused to listen to God.”

* * *

“As a pastor, people say ‘why does God allow this [evil]…. That question is predicated on a false assumption. God doesn’t want any of these things to happen. It’s all against God’s will. It’s our perverse nature, our sinful nature that allows these things to happen, that causes these things to happen. If we were following God’s will they wouldn’t be happening.

So we tend to ascribe to God all of the bad things that happen, and take responsibility for the good things that happen, when in reality it’s just the opposite.

God wants us to live in harmony with one another and in harmony with the creation. And the conflict and suffering we are experiencing in this world is of a human origin, not originated by God.

When Jesus came into the world it was a great opportunity for the whole world to find a new way of living and interacting with one another. And we all have failed.

And I would lay the greatest responsibility upon Christianity itself…. They were the ones that were given the clear transmission of what God’s desire was.

God is unhappy with humankind, unhappy with the way the world is going, unhappy with the way God’s beautiful creation is being treated. And God is intervening in a very direct way in the world today. And God and the angels are about trying to promote a spiritual awakening.”

“It was made clear to me this is it: ‘Wake up or the slate will be wiped clean.’ Now I’m not talking about the annihalation of the Earth. I’m talking about from a population of about whatever 260 million people the United States could go down to a population of a few tens of thousands.

We, the United States, who have been given the great blessing more than any other nation….”

* * *

“They also told me that there is no sitting on the fence. You are either working for God’s good or you are opposed to God’s good.

To be indifferent to God’s good is to be opposed to it. There’s no middle ground in this, if you will, battle between good and evil. There’s nothing in between.

I would say that most people say ‘You know, I’m good; I’m not doing anybody harm.’ That’s not good. That’s evil. You have to be out there loving God, loving your neighbor, and living that if you’re really part of God’s plan for this world.”

* * *

[youtube=]The Future of the United States (Please watch, comment, rate!)

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In 1985, Howard Storm had a near-death experience. As an avowed atheist, he found himself bewildered by the fact that his physical body was laying on the hospital bed, and yet could move around outside of his own body. He was tortured and beaten up by beings before being saved by a huge ball of light, which he believed to be Jesus. Beings of light gave him a life review, and he learned the true path that is meant for humanity: love. These beings of light showed him many things including but not limited to: revelations about religion, the bible, extraterrestrial life, the future of the world, and the future of the U.S. This is an interview segment about the future of the United States.

The most radical change is that before his NDE he was a cold hearted atheist professor, and afterwards changed to a warm hearted Christian minister. Feel free to upload this video to your own accounts, as to get this guy’s incredible story out. More information about Howard Storm can be found on Wikipedia and a more vivid account of his story on


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