SIDENOTE: I love this!!! However, I personally see these Hebrew transliterations as distracting. They’re often red flags to the Hebrew roots movement, which is often dangerous (works of the Old Covenant law instead of being led by the Holy Spirit, God Himself, directly). But I like what they have done here. I love the forgiving/no vengeance terminology!!!

We are the Warriors of Love!


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I woke up today saying ‘YAHWEH’. As you can see that is my theme for today. It is the English rendition of יהוה, the Name of God. I was led to this video message. It is AMAZING! I have typed a transcript for my international readers who need to use Babel Fish to translate.


Who are we?

  • Are we a people without a cause? NO
  • Are we followers of man-made religions or observers of heathen holidays? NO
  • Are we rebels against our forefathers Abraham, Isaac and Jacob? NO

Then who are we?

  • Are we a people without a future? NO
  • Are we a people without a Leader? NO

Then who are we?

We are the ONES denying ourselves and following our Almighty Shepherd. We are the ONES who do NOT belong to this wicked world. We are the little lambs of God who forgive and love both our friends and foes. We are spiritually reborn into Heaven.

We are the echoing VOICE of truth. We are both physically and spiritually united in our cause. We are the Warriors of Love. We are the Annointed Eagles. We are the humble and meek, we never take revenge ourselves upon our foes. We are the people of the future.

We are the enemies of the devil and his minions. We are the ONES who would rather die physical death than to be enslaved by the wicked.

We are the ONES who acknowledge the Call from the Holy Spirit ~ The Ruach haKodesh. We are the ONES who seek as many people as possible to unite in our wonderful journey. We are the ONES who goes through hardship and suffering for our Heavenly Father’s Love. We are the bringers of GOD’s WORD. We are the ONES who are called to warn the people of this world of the coming false peace.

We REFUSE to be silented. We WILL RISE UP! Act UP! Speak UP! Tell the devil to Shut UP! In the Name of Yahushua! Even if the whole world is against us, we have the majority on our side!

The very nature that is controlled by God Almighty will rage against the wicked.

Who are we?

We are the children of Yahuveh and we will NEVER be silented