Jesus prayed we'd be 'ONE' with each other in Him that the world will know! (John 17)

Steve Quayle’s Hot Headlines

I post Steve Quayle’s headlines regularly at my other freedom site, ToBeFree. I think this particular post is appropriate for ONEcanhappen too. Steve Quayle is a Christian who is trying to warn people about what is really going on.

I hope you enjoy this.

You know, these are some really incredible times we are living in!

It really is kind of an adventure!

Jeff : )


Disclaimer: This is cutting edge info of which all cannot be totally trusted (but that’s absolutely true of the mainstream media too). It’s good to put it in your seed box to see what will sprout.

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Praise Report From Listener–Power Of God Falls On Him As He Prayed

I just want to take a moment to thank you. I recently started listening to the programs on omega man. Early this morning, I listened to the program 461 where you spoke of many things. Something profound happened toward the end of the program. You started praying and in earnest. I began praying along with you. Something unexplainable happened. I felt a rush that come over me that startled me but then I felt a sense of ease. I continued my prayer along with yours when I started speaking in a different language. I know what I was praying to God but I did not know the words I was saying. Lots of emotions came across somewhat frightening but then peace came. more


Economic Collapse? We’re Soaking In It! A rather unobservant or at the very least “unlucky” man strolls across a faulty bridge; weathered, termite ridden, and over-traveled. He hops and skips and jumps about like a brain damaged orangutan without a care in the world. He does this not only because he is oblivious to the fundamental physics behind the workings of the bridge, and the structural signs of a bridge that is on the verge of collapse, but also because numerous highly paid “experts” on bridges have told him it is absolutely safe to do so. The bridge, of course, crumbles right under his feet, and he falls. more

First Prophecy Of North America Being Split In Two From 38 Years Ago: “And what I say to you I say to all: Watch.” We have a mistaken feeling of security just as those who lived in Jesus’ day had a mistaken sense of security. Less than forty years after Jesus spoke those words the Roman soldiers laid siege to the city of Jerusalem. And as he said, “Not one stone was left upon another.” And the chroniclers of the event stated that blood ran knee-deep in the city. And some of those who heard Jesus’ words that day remembered what he said: “This generation will not pass away before these things come true.” more

Nephilim And Fallen Angels-The Elephant In The Room Mainstream Christianity Won’t Discuss: I’m going to address a topic that many Christians in the mainstream deem as irrelevant; the Nephilim and fallen angels of Genesis 6:1-4. Most dismiss the topic with such statements as, “what does that have to do with righteous living or being a better Christian?” This passage is rarely addressed, and if so swept under the rug. After all, it has nothing to do with helping me in my Christian walk right? …Wrong! more


Nov 14
Government Is Living In A State Of Denial: They Speak, See & Hear Nothing Of A Debt Crisis
Over 50% Of U.S. Homeowners Are Underwater
How the United States Will Become a 3rd World Country
Economic Collapse? We’re Soaking In It!
Congressional Insider Trading Gone Wild
European Debt Crisis: Deathficits
Will Fukushima $10 Trillion Nuclear Catastrophe Bankrupt Japan?
Gadhafi’s Gold-money Plan Would Have Devastated Dollar
Eight Lonely Souls
Iran Loses Top Missile Expert In Explosions Sparked By Failed Bid To Fit Nuclear Warhead on Shahab-3
Ref. Hawk’s Alert/Heads Up From St. Louis Cop
Our Brave New World Of Snitches And Surveillance
Massive Crop Failure In Afghanistan Leaves Millions At Risk From Severe Drought
First Prophecy Of North America Being Split In Two From 38 Years Ago
Feds: Mexican Cartel Plotted Attack Against US
Will U.S. Army Be Used to Crush Public Resistance?
Does Iran Want Israel to Attack?
Iran Reels From Twin Blows
Israel Launches New Missile That Can Reach New York And Tokyo
The Genetics of Satan’s Seed and the Mark of the Beast
Nephilim And Fallen Angels-The Elephant In The Room Mainstream Christianity Won’t Discuss
Jack Van Impe: Jesus Is The Only Way To Salvation
Scripture of the Day
World’s Largest Digital Camera Gets Green Light

Nov 11
Outrage: Government Forces Private Citizens to Pour Bleach on Home-Grown Organic Food
Levin: U.S. Has Become A ‘Post-Constitutional Gov’t’ Heading For ‘Utopian Tyranny’
Condo at the End of the World
A Brief History of Transhumanism Pt. 4
ATF Death Watch 112: US AG Launches “Ban Semis” Defense
Young Women Nabbed In Bloody Satanic Sex Ritual
America’s Moral Rot
All Information Points To Martial Law – Soon
Suspicious Activity – Foreigners Securing Food Source
Alert: Devastating Megaquake May Destroy Midwest Soon
Death Of The Euro
Gerald Celente – Alex Jones Show
The Dollar is Toast! The Future is Silver
Bernanke Says That Any Criticism Of The Federal Reserve Is Based On “Misconceptions”
The Implications of Coming “Peak Copper” for America – and the World!
The Banks That Swallowed Europe, Western Civilization Built on Debt
What Do We Want From Wall Street?
Crystal Bridges, Atlantis, Mt. Pennacle, Quartz, 11.11.11 – Is There A Connection?
Egypt Closes Pyramid To Avoid 11/11/11 Rituals
NATO Preps for World War?
China Considers Armed Mekong Patrols
Baxter, Same Company That Unleashed Tainted Avian Flu Vaccines, Recalls 300,000 Flu Vaccines For Serious Adverse Reactions
Controlling An Avatar With Your Brain? Israeli Lab Is Trying
Cellular Operating System Set To Revolutionize Synthetic Biology
Note to God – Rhema Marvanne

Nov 10
The Pentagon’s Secret Plans to Secure Pakistan’s Nuclear Arsenal
Puffing on Polonium
Real Iran Nuke Threat: Thousands of ‘Loose Geeks’
Seventeen Workers Exposed To Radiation At Idaho Lab
Family of Slain Border Agent Wants Holder To Take Responsibility
FEMA/FCC Takeover Test Fails In Certain Areas, Weird Noises Heard In Others
The Warning Behind the Nationwide Emergency Alert System
The Young And The Broke – 37 Percent Of Young Households Held Zero Or A Negative Net Worth In 2009
Economics of Megachurchianity, Part 4
Monster ‘Snowicane’ Hits Alaska
The Road Not Taken
CIA Continues to Hide Evidence on Vietnam Era MIAs
Ron Paul: Obama Presidency On The Verge Of Being A “Dictatorship”
Be Honest CNBC-You Are Biased Against Ron Paul
The King’s Chapel, And The King’s Court
Obama Sells out Latin America to Reds
Commentary: Grapes of Wrath
Blogger on Cartel Beheading: ‘Cannot Kill Us All’
Up to 400,000 Troops Required In Case of N. Korean Regime Collapse: US Research
In Confronting Iran, Experts Say All Roads Go Through China
Six Lessons I Learned From Bombing Iran
Pentagon Regrowing Soldiers’ Muscles From Pig Cells
US Researchers And Pharmaceutical Companies Conducting Human Experimentation in Africa
Spherical Flying Machine
Occult Followers Looking For Something To Happen on 11/11/11

Nov 9
NOAA Warns of Monster Solar Storm Region Facing Earth for Next Two Weeks
Tokyo Starts Burning Radioactive Waste from Other Areas … Tokyo Governor Tells Residents to “Shut Up” and Stop Complaining
Tokyo Metropolitan Government Employees Tell Citizens Who Protest Against Disaster Debris: “There’s Nothing You Can Do About It, Ha-ha”
More States Accept TSA VIPR Teams at Transportation Hubs
DHS Official “You Would Never Know” If New Street Lights Were Spying On You
SoCal Street Cart Vendors Hurting After ‘Occupy’ Group Splatters Blood, Urine
Obama Hugs An Islamic Supremacist
How the War on Terror Has Militarized the Police
Sovereign Debt is Everybody’s Problem
Barclays Says Italy Is Finished: “Mathematically Beyond Point Of No Return
Deutsche Bank on Europe: ‘It’s Not Inconceivable That We Could Be In Full Crisis Mode By The End Of This Week’
US Mint Gold Coin Data and Research Casts Doubt on ‘Gold Bubble’
The Greatest Truth Never Told 12. The Great Depression Is The Best Case
Alaska Braces For “Epic” Storm; Evacuations Begin
Undersea Volcano Now Just 70 Meters from Surface
El Volcán Emerge Y El Hierro Agoniza
War Of Words Escalate Between Iran And Israel- Iran Theatens To Widen War To Europe If Attacked
German Air Force In Training For Iran Strike
Why Iran’s Top Leaders Believe That The End Of Days Has Come
Shock Finding: More Than 75 Percent Of All ‘Honey’ Sold In Grocery Stores Contains No Honey At All
Praise Report From Listener–Power Of God Falls On Him As He Prayed
The Historical Aspect Of The Resurrection Of Jesus Christ
Ice Age Horse Painters Really Did See Spots, Scientists Say
Senate Investigates Counterfeit Parts in Military Equipment
Scripture of the Day

Nov 8
Voices of Destruction
Israel, U.S. to Embark On Largest Joint Exercise In Allies’ History
Report: Sarkozy Calls Netanyahu ‘Liar’
Who Is Behind Government Websites’ Crash?
Barack Obama’s Israel-Bashing Is An Embarrassment For The Leader Of The Free World
Ron Paul on President Obama Taking Executive Orders Too Far
Former Mossad Chief Halevy: Iran Attack ‘Will Impact Region For 100 Years’
Russia Warns Against Israeli Air Strike On Iran
Iran Official: We Have Obtained The S-300 Missile System
Intel Rural Texas Activity/E-mail From Listener
Peter Schiff: Brace for “Abrupt” Dollar Collapse
Hit With Big Withdrawals, Fed Sells Assets, Borrows
These 5 Charts Clearly Show Just How Major – and Depressing – the Current Unemployment Situation REALLY Is
National Debt Burden per Capita-to-Income Index at 50 Year High – and Growing!
6.9 Magnitude Earthquake Strikes Seafloor Northeast Of Taiwan
Harmonic Tremor Pulse In Katla Volcano
Nyamuragira Volcano (DRCongo): New Flank Eruption on 6 Nov
2012: Why The Year Could Be One Of The Worst In The Planet’s History
The Venom In Feds’ Vaccinations
H1N1 Pandemic Fatalities Linked With MRSA Co-Infection
Geoengineering: Destroying the Atmosphere – Rosalind Peterson
Chemtrails and Weather Derivatives
Persecuted Christian? Don’t Expect These Pastors To Speak Up
Busted! Two New Fed GPS Trackers Found on SUV

Nov 7
The Municipal Bond Market Is Imploding
The Greatest Truth Never Told 11. The Largest Event In Human History
Gold Up 1 Percent As Europe Debt Worries Linger
Morgan Stanley Says Europe’s Pandora’s Box Has Been Opened
Gold Market Update
Now We Know – The Euro Leaders Have No Plan B
The Collapse of Our Corrupt, Predatory, Pathological Financial System Is Necessary and Positive
A Zombie War Is a Perfect War, Goal to Transfer Wealth
Sheriffs, State Legislators, OWS & The Constitutional Militia
A True Greek Tragedy – Odyssey of the EU
Denial, Delusion and MSM Disinformation
Ex-Radical: “Demonstrations Could Stop Presidential Election”
Predictive Programming For Mass Acceptance of the Antichrist
Massive Fireball: 34 Vehicle Pile-Up on M5 in Horrific Accident- 7 Dead, 51 Injured
The Problem With People Seeing Government as God
U.S. General Ousted After Criticizing Afghan Leaders
Top Muslim Declares All Christians ‘Infidels’
PACWAV11: Tsunami Drill “Real Events During Exercise Play” To Occur?
Potential Impact Zone & Time of Asteroid 2005 YU55 Defined On Google Earth and Government Documents
Oklahoma Can Expect More Aftershocks
Is A Volcanic Eruption Possible At The Salton Sea?
Another Chile Volcano Causes Concerns
In 5 Days the World Could End (As You Know It)
Israel’s Warnings on Iran Get Quiet Nods in Gulf
Scripture of the Day


[music video] A little girl tells us what to do: ‘ONE’ Love, ‘ONE’ Heart … Let’s GET TOGETHER and FEEL ALRIGHT — This isn’t just a song. It’s John 17 and “Love the Lord, your God with ALL of your HEART, soul, mind and strength; and your neighbor AS YOURSELF.” — Revival is simple, but it’s up to us. We must be right with everyone. There is no other way. Then God will come.


HeartQuotes: Blame


  1. I believe that the Lord brought me to Steve Quayle’s info and radio shows. I pray the Lord keep and protect you, him, your families and all others that have similar calls on their lives, like Alex and others. Their ministries are not given honor in most christian circles. I believe that they have some of the most important ministries especially at this time. These things are literally happening before our eyes and we are not even aware of half of it. It concerns me greatly that when these things fully manifest many of God’s people will fall away or be led into the traps that are being set. We must pray and fast for a great awakening to these things. Blow the trumpet and sound alarm. Amen.

    • Very good, Casey. I fully agree, and thank you for posting!

      And I have to say that Steve Quayle reminds me of the opposite of the cowards mentioned in Revelation 21, who will end up in “the lake that burns with fire and sulfur.”

      Steve is a bold warrior who doesn’t let the public and the dark forces hold him back. He just moves forward, fearless, in truth as best as he can.

      Sometimes he jumps the gun, predicting things that end up not happening (so I wrote my disclaimer), but he has a pure heart and is doing his best.

      I’m impressed and blessed!


      ToBeFree : )

  2. will steve return?

  3. repeat,will steve return? bert sargent west colo

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