Disclaimer: This is cutting edge info of which all cannot be totally trusted (but that’s absolutely true of the mainstream media too). It’s good to put it in your seed box to see what will sprout.

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Response to Inquiry About Attacks: I was praying and inquiring of the Lord about the many emails and phone calls I received in the last week about Christians attacking other Christians. I myself have also come under attack in the last week. This is what the Lord said about the attacks. The greatest attacks are yet to come, My children. You see an increase in the attacks of others upon you even now, but I tell you that far greater attacks than these are coming and many of you shall not endure. By this method does the enemy cause many to fall, to stumble, and to lose their hold on salvation. more

Top Gov. Lawyers: U.S. Citizens Can Be Military Targets Without Trial: U.S. citizens are legitimate military targets when they take up arms with al-Qaida, top national security lawyers in the Obama administration said Thursday. The lawyers were asked at a national security conference about the CIA killing of Anwar al-Awlaki, a U.S. citizen and leading al-Qaida figure. He died in a Sept. 30 U.S. drone strike in the mountains of Yemen. The government lawyers, CIA counsel Stephen Preston and Pentagon counsel Jeh Johnson, did not directly address the al-Awlaki case. But they said U.S. citizens do not have immunity when they are at war with the United States. more

Dutch Researcher Created A Super-Influenza Virus With The Potential To Kill Millions: A Dutch researcher has created a virus with the potential to kill half of the planet’s population. Now, researchers and experts in bioterrorism debate whether it is a good idea to publish the virus creation ”recipe”. However, several voices argue that such research should have not happened in the first place. The virus is a strain of avian influenza H5N1 genetically modified to be extremely contagious. It was created by researcher Ron Fouchier of the Erasmus Medical Center Rotterdam, Netherlands. The work was first presented at a conference dedicated to influenza, that took place in September in Malta. more

Farmegeddon is Here! Action in the food fight is hitting the fan so secure your food supply and be prepared to defend it. The powers that be found a Constitutional breach back in 2008 and they wasted no time making sure that breach could never be restored. Here are two major hiccups that you need to know about whether you get involved in the political arena of the food fight or not: Animal Health Surveillance and Monitoring System hidden under an amendment to the Privacy Act. morego to archives


Dec 2
Barak vs US: We Can’t Wait Until Iran Declares It Has A Nuclear Bomb
New Gun Company Advertisement Compares Obama to Hitler, Stalin
Top Gov. Lawyers: U.S. Citizens Can Be Military Targets Without Trial
The Media’s Blackout Of The National Defense Authorization Act Is Shameful
No Wonder America’s Founders Distrusted Standing Armies
Activist Boasts of Communist Leadership in Occupy Movement – Links to Re-election of Obama
‘Indefinite Detention’ Bill Passes Senate 93-7
Stewart Rhodes: Senate Bill Declares War On Americans
Obama’s Dictatorship Is Almost Complete
6 Shocking Revelations About Wall Street’s “Secret Government”
A Hedge Fund Insider Explains Why Retail Investors Should Flee The Stock Market
Obama’s DoJ Strongarms, Sues Business to Impose Sharia: Company Forced to Pay $50,000
Have You Heard About The 16 Trillion Dollar Bailout The Federal Reserve Handed To The Too Big To Fail Banks?
Factories Stalling Worldwide
Make Wall Street Pay For Its Criminal Conduct
Destructive Southern California Winds Produced By Unusual Weather System
100 Mph Winds Buffet Utah, Toppling Trucks, Trees, Power Lines
New Icelandic Volcano Eruption Could Have Global Impact
Farmegeddon is Here!
Response to Inquiry About Attacks
Dutch Researcher Created A Super-Influenza Virus With The Potential To Kill Millions
Digital DNA the New DNA

Dec 1
When Governments Go Rogue
Do Not Be Deceived: S. 1867 Is The Most Dangerous Bill Since The Patriot Act
Obama Admin Seals Records of Murdered Border Patrol Agent Implicated in Fast and Furious
War On Drugs Revealed As Total Hoax
Air Force Academy Adapts To Pagans, Druids, Witches And Wiccans
Outside View: Buck up, America!
Russia Unveils New Radar System To Counter European U.S. Missile Shield
Sprott Calls Silver Producers To Action
Perpetual QE Without the Billboard
Peter Schiff Explains What Today’s Global Fed-Funded Bailout Means For The Future
Gerald Celente – The Lew Rockwell Show
Tracy Lawrence, Notary Public Who Blew The Whistle On Massive Foreclosure Fraud, Found Dead
Brian Stewart: The Powder Keg That Is Syria
White House Insider: There Is A Very Uneasy Peace Between President Obama And The American Military
Mayor Bloomberg: ‘I Have My Own Army’
Russia Considers Blocking NATO Supply Routes
Message From Maurice Sklar – War Soon To Erupt On And Around Israel – prophecy
Is The End Of The World Really Nigh?
Digging Into China’s Nuclear Tunnels
PV Vivekanand: ‘Fourth War’ In The Making
Andromeda Strain: Scientists Tinker With A Deadly Influenza Virus That Could Wipe Out Civilization
Monsanto Spreads Roots Into Modified Produce
EmTech: Get Ready for a New Human Species – SQ NOTE: This arrogant statement is equal to “come let us build a tower to heaven” and the builder of the “Titanic” stating that that even God couldn’t sink her. Heaven is about to move and it will be greater destruction then even the Tower of Babel and The Titanic sinking. The transhumanist, hating God’s creation, and shaking their fist in the face of a Holy God, is about to be countered by his REPLY: “Flee from the Tower and abandon the sinking ship”.
Are Evangelicals A National Security Threat? – SQ NOTE: Christians – bad, Muslims – good. This hate article should cause 10’s of thousands of e-mails
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Nov 30
DOJ Ignores Christians and Defends Muslims
Senate Passes Bill Allowing Indefinite Detention of Americans … Considers Bill Authorizing More Torture
Past Wasted, Present Lost, The Future?
Black Friday Madness Reveals Animalistic Behavior Of Modern People – flashback
Tens Of Millions Of American Families Are Living On The Edge Of Desperation – And The Economy Is About To Get A Whole Lot Worse
Overruled: Government Invasion of your Parental Rights
Bird Flu: Scientists Develop New Strain Of H5N1, Avian Influenza, That Could Kill Millions
Hyperinflation Warning, Preserve Value with Gold
Cramer: ‘We Are In DEFCON 3, Two Stages Away From A Financial Collapse So Huge It’s Hard To Get Your Mind Around’
Holding the EU Together by Money Printing and Force
Here Comes The Global, US-Funded Liquidity Bail Out
Group Aims to Pursue Lawsuit Over Geo-Engineering Related Illnesses
Radioactive Scare Shuts Down Haymarket Station
Israel, Iran, Armageddon and the Coming War of Gog and Magog
NATO-Gulf Military Officers In Turkey Prepare For Intervention in Syria
Katyusha Fire On Israel Was Syrian Warning. Turkey Ready For Any Scenario
Accelerated Warming: More Evidence Of Destabilization At The Southern Pole
6.0 Magnitude Earthquake Latest In A Convulsion Of Strong Tremors Rattling Dangerous Region of Philippines
End Of The World Speculation After New Mayan Discovery
Busted! Secret App On Millions Of Phones Logs Key Taps
‘UFOs’ Disrupting Search for ‘God Particle’
Vampire, Occult Entertainment Going Too Far? Christian Leaders Urge Action
Twilight Saga: ‘Breaking Dawn’ to Break Down Morals, Website Warns
Yoga Is The Work Of The Devil, Says Vatican’s Chief Exorcist (And He Doesn’t Like Harry Potter Much Either)
Scientists Warned To Consider Ethics Of Research

Nov 29
Iran Prepping al-Qaida for Large-Scale Attacks
Iranian Protesters Storm Uk Compound In Tehran
Israel Preparing Iran Attack?
NATO Supply Stopped Permanently: Malik
Middle East Firestorm: Worsening Crisis May Soon Engulf Region In ‘Unthinkable’ Nightmare
The Russian Bear Is Back, The Soviet Union Is Being Revived And The Cold War Is Not Over
Yes, Americans Will Be Targeted As Terrorists Under the NDAA
Indefinite Domestic Military Detention
Afghan Officials: Fire From Pakistan Led To Attack
Two Possible Outcomes For the European End Game
Gold and Silver Rise/Markets Rebound On Positive Black Friday Results
Paper Money Is Not Wealth
The Future Of Jobs
Moody’s Continues Fanning the Eurozone Debt Crisis Flames
PayPal’s Links to Palantir, a Metasearch Technology Used by Intelligence, Law Enforcement and Military Organizations
Gold May Hit $3,000 If US Devalues Dollar
Secret Fed Loans Gave Banks Undisclosed $13B Profit
Banking System Rotten to the Core
Should the Fed Save Europe From Disaster?
6.4 Magnitude Earthquake Rattles Tectonic Plate Boundary Near Papua New Guinea
Pan-American Volcanic Awakening- Ecuador’s Tungurahua Volcano Goes Into Convulsions
Planetary Climate Chaos: Strong Wind Storms Wreak Havoc Across The Globe
Climate Set To Worsen Food Crises – Oxfam
Judge Andrew Napolitano: What if …?
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Nov 28
U.S. Declares Cold War With China
Pakistan: 24 Troops Dead in NATO Helicopter Attack
Pakistan Stops NATO Supplies After Deadly Raid
Iran Says 150,000 Missiles Pointed at Israel
S.1867: The Hunting Of America Expands
Hiding Mass Murder Behind “National Security”
Arab Sanctions Find Syria’s 7 Neighbors on Alert. Russian Missiles for Assad
Christians in Imminent Danger Across the World Are Refused Refugee Status While Muslim Refugee Immigration Goes Unimpeded
Jurists Protect the State and Ignore the Constitution
U.S. Federal Judge John Roll Murdered: The Sheriff’s Judge Who Upheld The Constitution And Reversed Congress!
Anger, Fear, Determination Permeate Anti-Shariah Conference At Madison Church
Photos: Iranian Navy Takes Delivery of Coast-to-Sea Missile Systems
Germany Buys Itself First-Class Ticket on Titanic
Woman Pepper Sprays Shoppers To Get Xbox
European Banks Frantically Trying To Dump $7 Trillion Of Crap Assets — But No One Will Buy Them
Prepare for Riots in Euro Collapse, Foreign Office Warns
While Consumers Shop, U.S. Descends Into Planned Financial Implosion That Favors Corporate Elite
Multi-Trillion Bank Bailout Leads to Multi-Billion Bank Profit Bloomberg Finds
No Laws Were Broken
Solid Proof That Weather Modification Projects Are Being Conducted All Over the U.S.
Conception To Birth, Visualized
Boston Dynamics Contracted To Make First ‘Terminator-like’ Hunter-Seeker
Aliens Use Earth As ‘Battleground’
New Series Explores Britain’s Monstrous Past: Human Sacrifice, Cannibalism, Even Zombies
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