One of the greatest ways to learn from God!

This has also happened to me many times. I’ll just realize I heard (in my mind – not audibly – just a thought that I know I didn’t originate) “Psalm 20,” for example, and I’ll look it up. And sometimes I’ll hear this same chapter later, even many times until I get it.

Francis recorded this almost four years ago, when he was almost certainly still teaching once-saved-always-saved. God was helping Francis be balanced in his understanding, and Francis was listening, and looking up what he subtly heard from God’s still, small voice. And now look at the fruit from Francis hearing and obeying!!!

Let’s all hear and obey. God is trying to balance us, bringing us into truth so we can be ‘ONE’ with each other, abiding in Him. Then the world will know — and we’ll be so happy!!!

jeff : )

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what God taught me this morning in Psalm 90