Could this be at least partially true among pastors, who get people to follow them though they, themselves aren’t clean, and haven’t gotten right with those they’ve hurt, so they can be free, so they can lead (if they’re even supposed to).

And they don’t seem to have any fear of the consequences; even though, James guarantees them a stricter judgment.

Let not many of you become teachers, my brethren, knowing that as such we will incur a stricter judgment. (James 3:1)


Paul’s Elders’ qualifications revisited: What does ‘BLAMELESS’ mean? — Most pastors are biblically disqualified

[3-minute video] The Hermeneutics of Language: Few still say “You’re welcome.” | The Benchmark of the Psychopathy: The almost organic inability to look back, to recognize error, hurt, disappointment and pain — an inability to appreciate consequence and to take responsibility for actions of one’s past


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The key thing about psychopaths is to realize they’ve got absolutely no conscience. And therefore there isn’t a good side of them to appeal to; there isn’t a moral side of them to appeal to. They’ll do whatever it takes to get what they want. They’re totally ruthless, totally without emotion, totally self-centered.”

“Because they have a relative lack of emotion they have a relative lack of fear. For example, if you caught them lying, they wouldn’t be flustered or bothered by it. They’d just carry on with another lie that covers up the first one. Whereas you or I would be embarrassed, and stumble over our words, and things like that.”

“…the key thing about them is when you meet them, they come across as almost better than everybody else: more charming, more sophisticated, more presentable. And so they make you feel as if you’ve just met your next best friend. And therefore, they weedle their way into your lives. And by the time that you realize who they really are the destruction has already been done.”

– Clive Boddy

Transcribed by Jeff Fenske

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CLIVE BODDY has been studying the effects of Corporate Psychopaths as experienced by hundreds of managers over the past five years. This has included collecting information on the perceived levels of incidence of experiencing Corporate Psychopaths, collecting reports of critical incidents involving potential Corporate Psychopaths and more recently, collecting data on the effects of Corporate Psychopaths on organisational outcomes.

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