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Can ‘Christians’ use Paul’s “Forgetting the things which are behind…I press on” statement as an excuse to not get right with those they’ve hurt? Paul also said: “I also practice ALWAYS having a conscience void of offense toward God and men.”

I know a church leader who did this very thing publicly before the entire congregation, and twenty-some years later he still hasn’t gotten right with many people he hurt.


Clive Boddy: Corporate Psychopaths Rule Over Us — The key thing about psychopaths is they’ve got no conscience. If you caught them lying, they wouldn’t be flustered. They come across as almost better than everybody else, and they can make you feel as if you’ve just met your next best friend. By the time that you realize who they really are…

– –

“An inability to appreciate consequence
and to take responsibility for actions of one’s past,
which happens to be the hallmark of the psychopath,
who only can live in the present.

The almost organic inability to look back,
to recognize error, hurt, disappointment and pain,
the benchmark of psychopathy.”

– Lionel

Transcribed by Jeff Fenske

Good, but can anyone explain Lionel’s meeting-in-the-street analogy?[youtube=]The Hermeneutics of Language

Uploaded by on Dec 9, 2011

NY’s PIX 11 News Commentary
Aired: December 11, 2011

Lionel dissects three idiosyncrasies of our mother tongue that are worthy of discussion and analysis.

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