This is more from a spiritual, prophetic perspective, but Benjamin is also very experienced in how money works.

I don’t think it’s all going to happen in 2012 like Benjamin is saying. But we’ll see. Benjamin says he does not have a word from God on the timing. But we do know that most of these things are coming.

I’m very much concerned about EMP also.

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Watchman’s Cry:
News from the Wall Program #05
“Benjamin Baruch Joins Nathan to talk about
The Coming War and The Greater Depression! ” 

Show Topics:
America’s Sovereign Debt Crisis.
The Real State of the Union!
The Coming World Wide Depression!
The Coming Terrorists Attack on America!
Benjamin Explains the Dollar’s Coming Destruction!

[The site says 2/6/11, but it must be 2/6/12, because of the sequence]