Jesus prayed we'd be 'ONE' with each other in Him that the world will know! (John 17)

When we heard angels literally sing in Anchorage, Alaska

I shared this on my Facebook page, recently.

I attended 33 of the 36 Rodney Howard-Browne meetings in 1992 in Anchorage, Alaska, in which violinist, Maurice Sklar played with great anointing.

One time, during group worship, WE COULD HEAR THE ANGELS SINGING. The keyboardist took his hands off of the keyboard to make sure it wasn’t his instrument.

The singing was the most beautiful and compelling I have ever heard — transcendent — a sound having so much upward energy that I would never tire of.

It sounded like it was coming from above the worship team, but in front of the stage [not anywhere near the loudspeakers].

Maurice and I were among the many (including my mom — so timely because Dad had recently died) who were GREATLY touched by the Holy Spirit during those 36 meetings, of which I attended 33.

One time, I wanted to talk to Maurice about microphones, but he was so touched by God that he had more important things on his mind.

Thank you, Maurice, Rodney and Anchorage Christian Center (now called City Church) — and Jesus!!!

May we make a home for God so He can dwell among us in fullness of joy and power!

If we build it He will come!


(audio) Revivalist Rodney Howard-Browne also an INFOWARRIOR!!! — “We funded al-Qaeda. Now we’re funding ISIS” • “Republican Democrat are the same. They work for the same people” • “It started with the Rothschilds, and it’s passed down father to son…. At the height they worship Lucifer” • ~”When I talk like this, people don’t want to listen, but ALL HELL IS ABOUT TO BREAK LOOSE! Repent and get right with God. Then ASK THE LORD: ‘WHAT DO YOU WANT ME TO DO?’”


[music video] Degarmo and Key: The Pledge — “He died for me; I’ll live for Him!”


I just heard these words while sleeping: “Why torture me? Why does the criminal government of America torture me?”


  1. Gene

    December 1, 2011, Maurice Sklar writes…

    “The LORD says:

    The American dollar is about to lose 30% more of its’? present value. This will be the second drop since the previous 2008 drop of 20%. The dollar will then be worth half of what it was before September 2008. This drop will cause great economic distress upon our nation. The church will be shaken and many will wake up spiritually and cry out to ME. There will be also looting, rioting, and terrorism in our land.

    There is an even greater financial disaster that is falling upon Europe that will collapse the Euro, cause panic and chaos there. Germany will refuse to prop up the euro any more. Basic needs in the poorer European nations will be threatened. Many will lose their money overnight as the stage is set for the financial takeover of the Antichrist system. This is imminent, and the dollar will also follow, although it will survive for a season more.

    The great revival will also begin. God has hidden His Holy Apostles and Prophets for this present hour. There will be great outpourings of supernatural provision, miracles, and healing in various places. These areas will become cities of refuge and places of refuge for God’?s people.

    There is coming an all out war in the Middle East as the neighboring Arab nations will come against Israel with a sudden missile attack starting from the north with Hezbollah, Lebanon, and Syria. Other Arab nations will join. Israel will be hit from all sides at once and there will be deaths and partial destruction of settlements, smaller cities to the north, and some damage to Tel Aviv and Jerusalem as well. Israel will respond with great force, and limited nuclear weapons will release devastation upon the neighboring countries, particularly Lebanon, Damascus, which will be destroyed completely, and the rest of Syria as well as military strikes into Iran, Gaza, and even northern Egypt/Sinai region.

    The resulting shaking of the West will then release a tremendous movement of Jews making aliyah back to Israel. There will no longer be security or stability as it has been up to now in America and Europe. Israel will emerge victorious from this war, but hurt. However, the devastation inflicted upon the attackers will be one hundred times worse. The spoils of this war will include much territory and will force the west to recognize the Holy God of Israel. It will emerge as the only stable country in the region. Many, even millions of Arabs will be killed. Islam will receive a mortal wounding by the Holy God of Israel.

    I am taking Billy Graham home to heaven soon. When you see this, know that My time of grace for the Gentile nations is coming to a close.”?

    Prepare your hearts, the LORD is at the door to appear for His Bride, the overcoming church in this midnight hour

    Pray for those that are trapped in darkness that God will reach them in time.

    In our Messiah,

    Maurice Sklar”

    Thankfully, the Lord will soon vindicate His chosen people and mortally wound Islam. Be careful how you speak about Israel–your own compatriots are prophesying in their favor.

  2. lanre bankole


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