This is worth listening to.

But what hardly any pastors are teaching, including Osteen and MacArthur, is Jesus’ stated goal for us in John 17. Jesus prayed that we’d be ‘ONE,’ that the world would know.

Jesus said He would give us His GLORY to help us and empower us to be ‘ONE’ in Him and with each other, that the world would know.

Pastors should be teaching the absolute necessity for holiness and RECONCILIATION — right relationships with each other and God — actually abiding in Christ — being led by the Holy Spirit, God Himself — resting — filled with the Holy Spirit.

Then the world will know.

I don’t hear hardly any pastors talking about reconciliation — let alone leading by example — apologizing to those whom they’ve hurt — making sure they are right with everyone.

The time is short. Let’s get our act together before it’s too late. The Third Great Awakening is way overdue.

May we be ‘ONE’!

– Jeff

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[youtube=]John MacArthur – Joel Osteen is a New Age Religionist

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Before anyone complains no I’ve not turned into a Calvinist but many Calvinist’s are good Christians.

Joel Osteen however is not a good Christian Minister. He is nothing more than a feel-good motivational speaker with a thin veneer of Christianity.

In fact as John MacArthur reveals his message is identical with that of Oprah Winfrey’s New Age message of ‘The Secret’ and the ‘Law Of Attraction’.


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