Many pastors don’t want to give up on teaching tithing; even though, they know it’s wrong. Antonio points out that they’re afraid they won’t get paid. That’s because people rightfully don’t want to fund spiritually dead ‘churches’ in which the pastors aren’t Spirit-led themselves to even be able to teach the people how to be led by the Holy Spirit.

If pastors need to teach tithing to keep the doors open they shouldn’t be pastors. And could these pastors then pray against (James-3 curse) those who refuse to go along with tithing — thinking they even have an Old Testament scripture that gives them license to even curse those who they are supposed to lead into holiness?

I think so. See: Dennis Cramer: “Most ‘Christians’ curse for the purpose of retaliation and vindication … ‘Christian’ leaders are even more vulnerable” I can still remember the pastor slamming the pulpit, yelling: “don’t you dare rob God!!” Another in the same ‘church’ led us in a prayer in which he actually cursed the abortionists. I spoke to him afterward, saying we can’t do this because of James 3. He said he can do this because of what it says in the Old Testament. And we have never spoken again.

One of the pastors in this ‘church’ told me that they all know tithing isn’t biblical, but they aren’t telling the people….

But once the truth about tithing is taught, and how we need to be right with each other in Christ to even be real, going-to-heaven Christians, then God would show up in such great glory — ‘ONE’ happening (John 17) — that there never would be money problems again!!!

It’s just such a no brainer. Com’ on, you all. The Bible really is clear on both of these doctrines: “who goes to heaven” and “tithing or being Spirit-led.” I prove them on this site.

If we’ve been wrong, let’s just admit it, and get right with all people in God, and live in His glory for the rest of our lives on earth.

People in the churches keep crying for revival, but the only way ‘ONE’ will happen is if we actually do the greatest two commandments. And getting this love-of-money issue right is a key part.

Imagine, if you were God, and the pastors are keeping people under a curse instead of teaching them to be led by You. It grieves God’s heart. His people are so far from Him because the pastors refuse to teach the truth; even though, they’ll get a stricter judgment — which they teach that they can’t because of the once saved, always saved heresy.


– –

“We have to now attach curses to people to motivate them to give. … Whenever you attach giving to those things [threat of being cursed, etc.], and that means that your giving is under compulsion. and it is no longer a heartfelt, spirit-led action.”

“Most of our pastors don’t trust God enough for that. … At the end of the month there would be a whole lot of nervous pastors wondering if they’re going to get paid. … My philosophy is that if this is of God, then your lack of giving cannot destroy it. If this is of God?”

– Antonio Thomas

Transcribed by Jeff Fenske

* * *

[youtube=]The Truth about Tithing by Pastor Antonio Thomas of Freedom Christian Church in Tucker, GA

Uploaded by  on Mar 31, 2009

Sr. Pastor Antonio Thomas exposes the fallacy of requiring members of local churches to pay tithes and reveals the truth about tithing’s exclusive connection to the Old Covenant in scripture. This interview will surely liberate many people who have felt uncomfortable with the concept of tithing in their local church.


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