Very heavy and important personal testimony sheds great light on how the Illuminati operate and how pervasive they are in society.

My opinion: considering the infiltration of Christian churches, pastors have done a huge disservice by shunning and James-3 cursing those who have strong discernment of spirit gifts.

Includes glimpses of Greg’s Moody Blues bumper music : )

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1% of people…

Taught at a Christian school

“I was on a worship team for a Wesleyan church in San Diego…”

Her Vatican experience — Baptists, Pentecostals…

An “enormous economic collapse prior to the revealing.”

PROBLEM > REACTION > SOLUTION: “Out of chaos comes order.”

“A lot of the members aren’t happy” — but afraid to leave.

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[youtube=]Svali: Ex-Illuminati Shares Personal Stories About Her Life – Greg Szymanski 2006

Published on Mar 30, 2012 by christruth2008

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One of the most jaw dropping interviews you will ever hear.