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Is there a path to winning back America as a nation? No, I think we’ve past the point of no return. I’ve been in this battle all my adult life, and here are my conclusions that preclude winning back the entire nation:

1) The people are no longer worthy of liberty. Americans as a whole are soft, materialistic and too content with life to fight, let alone recognize the loss of liberty. As long as they are allowed to go to church and buy what they want, they think they are free. But the noose is tightening. The youth are even softer, so the trend is in the wrong direction. Americans may still consider themselves a religious people, but religion, for the most part, doesn’t change their little bad habits, so at some point their religion is not leading to righteousness. They stop listening to the refining voice of conscience. Religious people don’t even honor the Sabbath anymore. To the Lord, listening to the personal promptings of conscience is where the real test of religiosity lies and most Christians are chronic violators of conscience in the “little things” relative to weight control, nutrition, recreation choices, use of time and failure to discipline children. Trouble is, this callous disregard for the “still small voice” leads to bigger problems and worse decisions. That is why immorality and divorce are high even among church goers. There are notable exceptions, but in general America is getting more unworthy of being saved by God.

2) Americans are lazy about finding truth. Conservatives constantly claim that reforming the education system will turn things around, that American children are starved for good information. But there are two problems here:

A. The education monopoly by government precludes that kind of change. Ever get elected to a school board? If you do you’ll find that state laws prohibit you pointing the curriculum in any other way but that which “credentialed educators” insist you must go, and the establishment controls the credentials. Only complete privatization of education will give parents the freedom to choose—but the establishment isn’t going to let that happen and there are way too many conservatives who would hate to have to pay user fees for those expensive public schools should other non-users be rightfully exempt.

B. I went to public schools and could tell I wasn’t being told the truth about many things. I sensed that something was wrong and went elsewhere to find truth. Today, more than ever with the vast information on the web, the truth is out there (except for most of the deepest and darkest secrets of conspiracy), and if people don’t find it, something is wrong with them relative to the workings of conscience and self control. That’s my point. Far too many people have become immune to the faint warning signals that something is wrong, or if they do hear it, they are too busy searching for material welfare to care. That’s the main reason why this downward track isn’t solvable by external education

3) Good people who are aware are too few to win peacefully: Ever since I worked in Washington and had access to conservative polling data, I’ve realized we don’t have the numbers to win by majority rule. The benefit-corrupted who are on some form of government payment exceed 50% of US inhabitants. Not all of them vote Democratic, but there is a tendency to resist cuts that affects them.

Here are my estimates: Almost all people who are aware of the constitutional crisis have gravitated to the Ron Paul position. His supporters represent, at the most, about 20% of Republicans, but Republicans only represent about 40% of the nation. That means constitutional conservatives and libertarians only represent 8% of the nation.

That 8% is a pretty realistic number, but even if it’s 10% people are tempted to think that since we doubled our numbers in the past 4 years, we can do it again. Not so. Already, there is a distinct resistance when you push past the 10% mark. People aren’t interested. Romney Republicans are resistant to anything that isn’t mainstream.

On the upbeat side, I think that we could possibly get 30% of Republicans to come around if we had another Ron Paul. Rand Paul could certainly achieve those kinds of numbers, but that’s because he would soften his father’s positions. But even with those numbers Rand still wouldn’t win. The establishment won’t allow real change. They won’t allow anyone to get elected unless the make the kind of deep concessions Mitt Romney has, and even then they don’t like it.

4) The US can never pay off the debt or quit deficit spending: Deficit spending got us into this mess, and politicians can’t stop. They love deficit spending and so does the public because it shields them from the pain for paying for wars, foreign aid, education loans, bailouts, tax increases, welfare, and subsidies. Everything is painless until you’re bankrupt and we’re still at least a decade away from that. Rest assured, they’ll give us another world war before that comes due. That’s been their plan all along.

5) The Globalist Conspiracy is too strong to overthrow: They don’t have to have absolute control of everything—effective control is enough. They use a lot of “incentives” to control a vast network of hirelings (willing yes-men) around them who may not fully understand the nature of a conspiracy of power—but they will do their bidding, either out of ignorance, blind pro-government sentiments, promises of advancement, money, or threats. And, don’t forget about immunity—that promise that is ever present when they enter dark side activities, after first having proven that they have sufficient sins to be blackmailed.

How would a Ron Paul survive even if elected? The Secret Service was integral to the killing of Pres. Kennedy. The FBI and CIA both covered up and hired the mafia/CIA hitmen that did the job. There is a dark side of the other federal agencies as well—the DEA, INS, DHS, IRS and even the military. How could an honest president even begin to penetrate, let alone clean out those nests of criminals when they control all the surveillance machinery. How would you gather evidence on them if those on the inside denied it to you? You can’t even think about mounting a good old “Revolutionary War” in today’s age of Big Brother and his All-Seeing Eye.

As for legislative or judicial protection (the so-called separation of powers), I estimate that the government has culpable files on about 75-80% of members of Congress, almost all Police Chiefs in major cities, and most higher judges in the nation, all the way to the Supreme Court. They look for dirt on anyone who starts to rise in the political arena and use those files to control them. Ever wonder why judges almost always back government power, or even abusive police in the face of citizen complaints?

6) States have become corrupt too: It is only partially true that state and local governments are easier to reform than the federal government. All state governments have corruption problems and some states like California, Illinois and New York have corruption machines that rival the mafia. Most large cities are also totally corrupt inside. That said, some states are clearly less corrupt than others, but there is an establishment good ‘old boy network, closely allied with the liberal press in every major city that works together to make sure than no Ron Paul or free market revolutionary gains control. When they do by political fluke (think Evan Mecham, governor of Arizona—a Cleon Skousen trained constitutionalist), the media lies in wait until they make a verbal gaffe and then they run him out of town with a recall election. Scott Walker beat them in Wisconsin, but that was an exception, and he wasn’t really threatening to clean the whole house. Don’t expect that exception to become the rule.

What about the God is in Control argument? Optimistic Christian conservatives always throw out the argument that “God is in Control” and so we don’t have to worry. He has the power to change things. As a believer, I agree. He does have the power. But the real question is will He intervene to save us? And, is America worthy of being saved by God? I don’t think so anymore. That doesn’t mean all is lost for everyone, but it does point to us heading for a great period of tribulation and the loss of liberty at the national level as it morphs into the NWO.

I’m a religious person, and keep my eyes open constantly searching for signs that God is intervening as he did in the nation’s founding—allowing a set of leaders to rise to positions of influence where they can turn the tide, or even allowing major financing to come to principled people so they can bypass the establishment media, or schools, and fund a national movement to renew America. Nothing has happened. The big money only goes to ineffective or mainstream causes. We do have ample numbers of great thinkers with ideals and principles as profound as America’s founders, but none have been allowed to rise in power. Ron Paul got the closest.

Those ministers who have achieved great wealth and fame in televangelism have done so by singing the easy gospel that people want to hear. Those that have been granted access to the White House prayer breakfast meetings during the Bush administration were those who refused to speak up or criticize the big government or war agenda. All the real champions of freedom have been left on the sidelines. Ron Paul is the only one to even get close to a run at the presidency and he has been shut down—but not without building the movement. I’ve seen God’s hand helping to gather the remnant, but no indications of any real optimism toward beating the mammoth evil that is growing even faster than the Liberty movement.

Mitt Romney, though religious, is not the political savior Christians are looking for. He may think God has helped him along the way, but the only way he has gotten this far is by surrounding himself by minions of the devil’s neocon camp. I guarantee you that Mitt Romney, if elected, will be a great disappointment to conservatives. All the good things he proposes will go down in defeat. He will not be allowed to put forth any real constitutionalists for the Supreme Court. They will be blocked in the Senate, and like Reagan, he will finally give in and nominate those the establishment agrees to. He will not overturn abortion. Obamacare will not be shut down.

Remember, to have faith in the salvation of the nation as a whole, the people have to be worthy and I think it has to be more than a mere 10%. God might have spared one corrupt city in Old Testament times if Abraham could find but 10 righteous men, but even had he found 10, sparing a city is a far cry from restoring a nation to full blown liberty. That can’t be done without the full reform of a majority of the people. Considering the overwhelming moral evil in our nation that burdens the Lord’s sense of justice, I think He is bound to let the sword of justice fall. You can’t just manufacture specific faith in a proposed event by hope only or wishful thinking. For specific faith in a hoped for event to be valid, you have to have the spiritual confirmation that it is the Lord’s will, and that must come from God and not rosy-eyed optimism. While the Lord might certainly want the nation to be saved, God himself cannot arbitrarily disregard the decree of justice upon which the universe operates. Only upon terms of repentance and change of heart can condemnation be averted, and I don’t see that happening. I’m keeping an open heart and mind that it might, but the signs aren’t good.

Conclusion: All is not lost even if we don’t have the numbers to win politically. We can still fight for liberty to gain a minority foothold within the nation–a resistance movement, if you will, even if we can’t win back the whole. But when you are dealing with a minority of good people, to exercise any power at all, you have to congregate together so that you have a majority in a region or local area. Our greatest problem in a losing battle of attrition is that we are spread out uniformly across the nation—dispersed in a sea of humanity where none of us constitute a majority.

All efforts to get people to relocate to a Free State ( have been relatively unsuccessful. Their chosen state, New Hampshire, isn’t the best place and it isn’t welcoming the “takeover” that is viewed as a threat to the establishment of that state. There is also the a constant fear among adherents that “times are too difficult economically” for people to pick up and start over in a new location. And that is probably true for most. But it won’t be any easier when we are forced to flee to safer places due to war and economic collapse (which won’t come until war, in my opinion).

If there is any hope for liberty it will be because pockets of liberty and resistance form during the next war when government itself is busy saving itself and not targeting freedom-loving dissidents–yet. I think you’ll see the time, when crisis comes that the social unrest will drive people out of their current places and the Lord will inspire those who can listen to go to places of refuge where other like-minded people are also gathering. Some will be inspired to go to safe places before the crisis, and if you are one of those, heed the promptings. We still have perhaps a decade before the worst comes upon us, so despite all the rumors of collapse, you still have time to make an informed move.

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