Romney Vows To Arm Al-Qaeda Terrorists In Syria —
The reverse-Christianity continues…

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“So Romney has openly announced that he’s going to continue the same,
disastrous foreign policy as Obama, to a GREATER degree!”

This is way beyond disastrous economics.
This is MURDER!

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[youtube=]Rand Paul Concerned by Romney’s Foreign Policy

Published on Oct 13, 2012 by TheAlexJonesChannel!/RealAlexJones


Rand Paul Backs Away from Romney’s Neocon Foreign Policy — Fifteen of the 22 members of Romney’s team were policy advisers under the Bush administration and six are former members of PNAC

Pastor Chuck Baldwin: This Is Insanity! — Romney is an opportunistic chameleon who will say anything or do anything to get elected. Yet, this is the man whom conservatives trumpet as the savior of America! By knowingly rejecting truth and a good conscience, they have already accepted the spirit of evil in their hearts. Such people are in no condition to make moral judgments regarding good and evil!