“Viral Infection”

8/14/12 11:52 pm


Men have decided to try to control what previously only belonged to Me to control. They have experimented with mutating bacteria, fungi, parasites, Viruses and other plants meant for food and healing.

For a long time man has harnessed nature to bring solutions to disease but when frustrated with normal means, they pursued other means. Led by DEMONS many gave in to alchemy and using heavy metals that have hurt and caused illness and death in humans.

Now they are merging species to try and improve on My design. Worshiping the creature more than their Creator they have abandoned reason for delusion. For delusion is the curse for abandoning your God for the gods of this world.

I’ve allowed much of the delusion as it brings self destruction without intervention. It’s like a built in self destruct button. Nothing is a surprise to Me beloveds. I knew they would do things to destroy the world. Pride is being manifested in it’s fullness along with rebellion & lawlessness, as antichrist is arising more. You know who the author of pride is.

So use HUMILITY to effect change. Humility is casting ALL your cares on ME, because I care FOR you, instead of giving in to SELF SUFFICIENCY.

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