From: Revival School


– Andrew Strom

I would really love your comments on this, as I believe it is an important topic for the church in North America. Please give us your thoughts on the questions below –

Can Patriotism be Idolatry? (ie. Can our country become a kind
of ‘god’ to us?)
-Can Patriotism also become “prideful”?
-Is this a problem in the church today?
Will many Christians get mad if we question this?
If we mix Patriotism in with Christianity, will it start to distort the
whole message and mission of the church?
-In other words, will we start to become “activists” not just for
Jesus, but for Patriotism too?
-Is it true that Hitler used Patriotism to manipulate the German
people – and whip them up to go to war?
-Are there voices in TV and Radio today using Patriotism to whip
up the Christians?
-Do you think we can be easily manipulated if they appeal to our
-Now just a couple of questions about the USA-
Is the US still a force for “righteousness” in the earth?
-When we look at the movies, the TV and the music put out by
the USA – which dominates Western culture all around the world –
what kind of influence does the US have today?
-When we look at this massive influence and leadership, does
she seem to be a force for ‘light’ or more for greed, sex, materialism
and spiritual corruption?
So is America mostly spreading ‘good’ or spreading ‘evil’ in the world?
Why then should we “defend” her – as though what she is doing in
the earth is “Christian”?

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